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1. (n) a small glass container, typically 1.5 US fl oz, used to serve hard liquor.

2. (n) a woman who is so uptight and self-righteous that her vagina is no larger than a shot glass, and about as comfortable to fuck.

See also: blue balls
(1) Hey hand me that shot glass of Patron, I'm about to get wild!

(2) Another Christmas party with Shot Glass? Damn, hand me the Patron!
#shot #glass #bitch #vagina #shrew #waif #anemic #trapped #blueballs #christmas
by malfunctioning box October 09, 2010
n. - A precise tool used to measure one's ability to hold one's liquor.
Lou and Mike were having a contest last night; they just kept on downing shot glasses full of booze until finally Mike just passed out. Wow, Lou is really the man.
by TJCapSix September 14, 2005
A small, typically glass, cup-like drinking instrument used to take "shots" of strong liquids such as liquor, whiskey, or espresso. Often decorated with words, pictures, engravings or inlaid metal. Some are also made out of metal, clay, or plastic.
I'll take two shots of Jack Daniel's, bartender.
by skateVA93.9 December 27, 2004
In a vehicle, the window seat directly behind shotgun.
Passenger One: "Shotgun!"
Passenger Two: "Shotglass!"
#shotgun #seat #car #ride #window
by Squeege K. April 29, 2009
To call first shot of the night at a party or bar. Resembles the world shot gun. Can be a negative or positive thing.
Example #1: As soon as we step in the door John calls shot glass.

Example #2: John: "Shot glass!"

Mickey: "Can you believe that tool just called shot glass?"

J.D.: "I know. Who does that anymore? What a noob.
#shot gun #chug #tequila #beer pong #frat party
by RootOfAllEvil September 03, 2009
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