a nigger or a black person. this term is used when u dont want a black person beating u up for saying niger
ME: look at that nigga walking by
Sally: That aint a nigga thats a ninja
by hanna Claire April 01, 2007
A word white frat guys can use to supplement the need for the word nigga without detection.
"We'd better cross the street here, those ninjas look irritable."
by PLPimp August 10, 2006
noun; fun word used to stereotype all people of the asian races.
"I cant walk down the street in Frisco (San Fransisco) without seeing a million ninjas."

"That damn ninja at the dry-cleaners messed up my pimp suit!"
by brez July 19, 2006
A totally ineffective fighting style.
When ninja Sarah did a karate stance, Diana ran her down with a car.
by Tikky Tak August 26, 2015
In bicycling lingo, a jogger or pedestrian dressed in dark clothing and no light or reflective gear at night.
I was out riding last night and almost hit a ninja. Good thing I was using a light.
by Grizzlybike May 10, 2015
Asian David
Damn it Ninja where is my phone?
by Adrianna Bell April 24, 2015
a person/ a group of people who is/are considered ninja
Bob: Yo, ninja
Ninja: No, I'm nigger
by jogu February 02, 2015

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