a racial term referring to african american people when you don't want them to know when you are talking about them in a public place.
Damn, there is alot of ninjas in the club tonight.
by jake. October 06, 2007
a no vulgar word to describe a negro or a nigger
yo shut up you ninja
by Jaboc October 26, 2007
A woman who is extremely politcally correct and probably a lesbian or a feminist (or both).
I was telling this awesome joke when the ninja gave me the dirty eye.
by The Angry Monk November 17, 2005
A substitute word that white people can use instead of saying "nigga".
What is up my ninja?
This my main ninja
ninja please
by G788 May 05, 2007
this is a super secret form of the word nigger.
That ninja dropped the ball.
by erb1er September 11, 2007
to ninja is to pwn something
Gamer 1 scores a head shot on Gamer 2

Gamer 1: Dude i fuckin ninja'd you
Gamer 2:cries after being ninja'd
by Keithian March 22, 2007
people with face hidden by rag or cloth..
Those ninjas left me baffled again, me jaw dropped...
by american_blonde October 19, 2006

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