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A woman who is extremely politcally correct and probably a lesbian or a feminist (or both).
I was telling this awesome joke when the ninja gave me the dirty eye.
by The Angry Monk November 17, 2005
1 18
A substitute word that white people can use instead of saying "nigga".
What is up my ninja?
This my main ninja
ninja please
by G788 May 05, 2007
24 42
this is a super secret form of the word nigger.
That ninja dropped the ball.
by erb1er September 11, 2007
9 29
to ninja is to pwn something
Gamer 1 scores a head shot on Gamer 2

Gamer 1: Dude i fuckin ninja'd you
Gamer 2:cries after being ninja'd
by Keithian March 22, 2007
8 28
people with face hidden by rag or cloth..
Those ninjas left me baffled again, me jaw dropped...
by american_blonde October 19, 2006
12 33
A Japanese Land Pirate.
That Ninja just flipped out and killed people.
by Zack From O-Town May 04, 2007
11 34
A. Adjective. Slang term for a friend. Derived from the word Nigga, Ninja is a more politically correct term to use but imply's the same thing. A T-Shirt highlighted in the movie Bench warmers stated "Strictly For My Ninjas" Playing on the words of the hit rap song "strictly 4 my niggaz" performed by 2 Pac. See also Nin.

B. Noun. Slang term for an American Muslim woman in full garb.
A. What up Ninja?

B. Oh look our hostess at Applebees tonight is a Ninja.
by Brian Patterson May 03, 2007
13 36