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Since that to call "mine" is not permitted in soccer, one must name the player to recieve the ball. When one forgets one's own name (often happening to a goalie who has had one too many kicks to the head) yelling "Brendon's Ball!" is the same as claiming it for yourself. The "Brendon" was originally Brendon McCullum, wicketkeeper for the New Zealand Black Caps.
"Defence, defence, mark up, she's taking a shot!"

"Shit, never mind, mi- oh, Brendon's Ball!"
by Chishie April 28, 2007
The unwritten law of cafeteria seating.
"Hey, you stole my seat!"
"Use it or lose it, loser!"
by Chishie August 11, 2006
Verb: To go somewhere, especially if one must leave a group of people to do so.
"Sorry guys, I have to ninja off to class now."

"Yeah, Sam and I ninja'd into town last night, we felt like some beers."
by Chishie August 11, 2006

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