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THe maker of all those obesity-inducing jellofied 'snack cakes' that everyone gives America shit for.
When I went to Spain all the kids yelled at me to go eat some Hostess Cream Cakes and bomb a country.
by Angelacia June 20, 2007
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An exclamatory word used to compliment a person on a job well done. The word obtains its meaning from the 1990's marketing campaign of the "Hostess" brand snack cakes which used the phrase, "Now that's the stuff: Hostess!"
Your friend lands a sick trick off a ski jump

You: hostessssssssss! shit son, that was mad legit.
by Cat (like meow meow) January 19, 2009
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Straight lady that likes to hang out with twinky gay men.
Wow, look at that one girl surrounded by really twinkly men. She must be a Hostess!
by Thismayormaynotbemylife October 17, 2011
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That guy was so hot i just hostessed in my pants
by Big Mo May 30, 2005
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