a ninja is an high ranking juggalo who is known for their guile, will, and health
that juggalo is a straight up ninja
by Havik_Strykr July 30, 2008
Another word for 'nigger'. o:
AIDS: Lookamee~ Imma ninja! ^_^
Teaphan: No...you're not...freaking racist. D:
by Ribsss May 02, 2008
Buddy, Chief, Bro, dawg, man, dude, etc.
Torch: I'm bored lets play this stupid synonym game.
Slash: Hey dude.
Torch: What's up, ninja.
Slash: Ninja is not a synonym for dude.
Torch: Ahp, you lose.
by The Mr Needles Experience October 05, 2006
1.sneaky person usually of asian heritage whom carries deadly weapons(num chucks, samurai sword, shurikens, etc.)
2.known enemy of pirates.
3.another word for nigger that will keep you safe because the black people wont know that ur talking about them
1.Nate Kamerick you are a 1337 ninja
2.Best run or ill bust a cap NINJA!
The rush of excitement a person feels before/during/after sexual pleasure or extreme physical activity. An intense state of being in the moment.
"I'm feeling ninja about climbing up this mountain today."

"Baby, the way you gave that blow job last night was fucking ninja."
by kmakatz December 31, 2008
take chuck norris joke and replace chuck norris with ninja
Chuck norris can divide by 0
Ninjas can divide by 0
by ninja dood January 07, 2009
an acceptable alternative to the N word for white people to use when singing along to black music
realest ninjas
luda is one hell of a ninja, hos in different area codes hell yeah
michelle he's a ninja, go for it!
nat went ninja then came back???
by hanrose November 22, 2007

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