a word originating from the streets alameda ca, refering to a philipino friend or homie. it is used in a friendly manner
sup my ninja!! we bout to make shit hella hyphy right.
by seannonnon February 07, 2008
g-rated verion of "nigga"
what up my ninja!
whats good my ninja!
by Gregory cit May 13, 2005
Homies, Friends. A group of mulitple white people, and 1 black man from the can. Started up by a white man from the can, that went to jail and came back calling all his friends NINJAS. Ninjas are chosen not anybody can be a ninja.
Person 1: Hey whats up muh ninja?

Person 2: Chillin my ninja.

Person 3: Whats up my ninjas?

Person 1 and 2: You aint no fuckin ninja person 3.
by Redneck Rambo September 23, 2009
Abbreviation for NO Income No Job Assholes. Was originally a mortgage term for no income verification loans.

Also now major voting block of Obama supporters who expect something for nothing.
Those people bought into this neighborhood with a NINJA loan and now three months later they are foreclosed on and have trashed the house.

Acorn got the Ninjas out in force to vote for him by his campaign promises.
by Norby August 15, 2009
A more PC name for a black person.
That ninja stole my bike!
by JuicemanMatt December 05, 2008
A way to refer to a black person as a n*gger without them knowing of being offensive.
"Way to go ninja lips on that smoke!"

"My ninja room mate left pubes all over the toilet seat."
by LouieKay October 29, 2008
A game originating in South West Missouri. Ninja is played on a jungle gym of moderate size (depending on the amount of people playing) and one person is "it", goes to the tallest slide, closes there eyes, and then counts to ten.

The ninjas, or other players, have to scramble around the jungle gym trying to avoid their blind companion without getting on the woodchips.

Should a ninja get on the woodchips in order to avoid the "it" person, they are safe as long as the "it" person does not call "WOODCHIPS!"

A ninja caught on woodchips is now "it"
and the game begins again.

Should a ninja be tagged, he is now "it" and the game begins again.

"Do you wanna go play ninja tonight?"
"Sure! Only if we can play tomorrow too!"


"Woah! did you see me jump from the slide to the monkey bars??"

"Yeah dude that was SO NINJA!"
by Cat.the.Bat August 31, 2008

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