Term used by white people to label black people in an effort to not offend anyone black that may be hearing.
There's a lot of ninjas in that club on Thursdays.
by NinjaBlack July 10, 2008
(adj) Awesome, cool, Amazing in every way
That movie last night was so ninja.
by Alex Franke May 06, 2008
Two Words: Chuck Norris
Thats fucking Chuck Norris. He will fuck you up 'cause he is a Ninja.
by GOAT19821 March 14, 2008
A racist version of a samuri.
Dude: Ever notice how ninja's are always dressed in black?
Dude 2: LOLZ ninja are be RACIST lulz epic luz
Dude: *kicks boot through head*
by Manical to the Hippie February 18, 2008
Fully covered Muslim women in a Black Burka(cloak) in the Middle east.
Man this place is swarming with Ninja's,
by Tbagman August 03, 2007
To get an item from a MMORPG, saying they need it, which in fact they don't.
Then they sell it to other players for Money.
OMG! That noob ninja'd my LOOT!!!!
by Chunsa May 17, 2005
Coolass fighter
who were tight suits
to show off their kickass bodies!
a hot guy named rock lee with ninja
by mily jang August 28, 2008
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