to ninja: to chop a person in the back of the neck while open and there is no truce in affect. Or possible if you want to just be an ass whole or they are being a bitch you can breack truce. it is not a ninja if you hit there shoulder, head or face. there is a code for what u can do or how you can ninja someome. If u r truced w/someone u have to tell them when someone is gonna ninja them. if you have a truce with someone that is about to get ninja-ed and the person that is gonna ninja them you have to stay out of it and not say anything. you are basically nuetral.

-basic ninja:chop to back of neck

-sledge ninja: put both hands together as if you were praying then NINJA!

-Scissor Ninja: Ninja someone on the both sides of someones neck at the same time with both of your hands.
jesse:Dude Carlos is fuckkin open, u should get him charles
charles:ok (ninja)
Hugo:damn carlos u got fuckkin ninjed ur lucky it wasn't a sledge or scissor
carlos:damn i must be a bitch and im irrational
by Milk-ninja May 28, 2009
Some basic facts about ninjas:
1-Ninjas never tell people that their ninjas(if they do then theyre probably planning on killing you)
2-Ninjas invented skate boarding(they have a great sense of humor)
3-Its phisically impossible for a ninja too sweat or get tired
4-Ninjas always wear a bandanna
5-Ninjas kill for fun(it's what they do)
6-Ninjas may have invented skateboarding but they dont skateboard(its for faggs)
7-No one kills a ninja(they choose to get killed)
8-Ninjas dont get wet(the water gets ninjad)
9-ninjas dont own a shadow
10-theirs always a ninja in your house so dont talk bad about ninjas at anytime(go ahead insult a ninja......lokk out for that shuriken!!!)
11-if you see a ninja kill him )trust me only fake ninjas dress up like ninjas)
12-If your Brocore then your not a ninja
13-Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes(except fat)
14-Ninjas arent faggots(all though some may be gay)
15-Ninjas do what they want even if that includes killin themselves
16-Dont argue with a ninja(unless you dont enjoy having testicles)
17-If your not sure about being a ninja go jump off a building, if you dont die your a ninja(if you do die you deserve it because your not a ninja)
18-male ninja+female ninja= Power sex
19-ninjas are always right(see number 16-dont argue with a ninja)
20-Ninjas are awesome
ninja: hey did you know i was a ninja
sceptical friend:yeah right Prove it
(cuts off his testicals with his bare hand)
ninja: hows that for proof?
no longer skeptical friend:(in a very high voice)yeah
(ninja kills him because ninjas never reveal their ninjahood)
by fresh is what i aim for January 28, 2008
A recent type of mortgages given to those with no apparent means and little to no chance of rendering repayment. NINJA is an acronym referring to the borrower as having No Income No Job or Assets.
The housing bubble was greatly helped by financially suicidal bankers issuing NINJA loans like candy to anyone who could fog a mirror!
by esmith512 January 16, 2008
Ninja- slang word for Nigger...often used by black people from the hoods or people who wish they were black.
yo ninja did you check out that hunnies ghetto bootie!
by Cheri April 24, 2005
This is the replacement word for white people to call someone a nigger and it be ok.
Wow, that oreo is being such a ninja right now.
by Collierflower January 19, 2009
creeper that dresses in black and secretly watches people from dark corners.

also: people whom only losers like to talk about.
ninja- i was standing in this girls room all night.. and she was too busy going through her clothes to see if they fit (giggidy)to notice me..
by November 17, 2008
Badass, destructive... basically everything in the world that makes you glad you have a dick.
Guns are Ninja. Sex is Ninja. Killing terrorists is Ninja. Killing in general is Ninja. Bombs are Ninja. Beating someone is Ninja. Stealing massive quantities of money is Ninja. Eating meat is Ninja.
by Youou February 28, 2008

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