Ninja is a less derogatory word for nigga first made popular by Bay Area rapper E-40
"Bay Area ninja my ninja"
by BO$$TYCOON February 06, 2006
First name.
Based on the spanish / portugese "niña", meaning "girl", "maid" or "little one".
Rarely found all over Europe.
Me: My name is Ninja.
He Your´re kidding, don´t ya?
by NinjaA November 22, 2005
a student who is on the school's tennis team. so named because they often carry their tennis rackets in their backpacks or at their hips with the handle facing up, like a katana or sword. used most often by members of other sports teams on campus to easily identify a tennis player.
"you see tom?"
"he's a ninja, you can tell by his racket".
by SuperNickTurlockCA March 24, 2011
Watch ninja assassin you'll know what im talking about
by Aiden Diamond MCPSL January 31, 2010
rick is a real ninja
by dfgffi;sdfisfdishgeorfeiohaeir January 05, 2010
ninja means nigga
yall ninjas are tweakin..

naa my ninja I'm never wack...
by afrokid101 October 24, 2009
Ninja is a non-insulting way to refer to a black person. Replacing the obvious racist noun used to refer to black people
Yo, thats my ninja over there!
by FrankieDillinger September 16, 2009
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