A modification of the word "nigga". The term "ninja" is used in a context that promotes sociocultural correctness, yet still preserves that raw urban vernacular that we know and love. That being said, everyone can say it! Race is obsolete when it comes to the word ninja, my ninjas
what's good my ninja?
by jodega April 24, 2011
to silently escape in the traditional style of Japanese ninjas. ka-poof!
I'm gonna ninja out of work.
I'm ninja-ing.
I need to ninja out of this date.
by whos___your__daddy March 21, 2011
The act of barfing and having intense diarrhea simultaneously; given this name because it is similar to being shredded at both ends, as a ninja would do.
John: That mexican food last night was rotten
Ryan: I know, I ninja'd all over the bathroom floor when i got home.
by TheShredder March 20, 2011
Slang for nigga. Since white people can't use the word, ninja works perfectly since its only two letters off and will not get you beat up. Plural form ninjas
Man this crowded inner-city DMV is full of ninjas. I better watch my ass.
by Daryl The Sterile December 06, 2010
1. (n) der. true ninja - referring to the original feudal japanese assassin or spy. Usually dressed in covert clothing (to blend in with the environment).

Facts (not romantic beliefs) about Ninjas:
ninja are the best assassins. The Best.
ninja don't appear in photographs, especially those taken with iPhones and other digital capture devices. The making of the film "Ninja Assassin" would have been impossible using real ninjas.
ninja would win all the gold medals in Olympic acrobatic and gymnastic events, given their tremendous skill.
ninja is both plural and singular
ninja are not prone to anger or angry outbursts. Ninja cannot be heard.
ninja are calm, collected, and precise.
ninja are not to be confused with Chuck Norris (although he may have been a ninja in a past life)

2. (adj) colloquial use of the word ninja to describe a thing or action that is sneaky, covert, or requires trmendous acrobatic skill.

3. (n) alternative and pc replacement for the word "nigga". Denotes friendship or comraderie.

syns. chuck norris, nigga, sneaky, assassin
ants. samurai, steven segal, warrior, clumsy
1. I've never seen a ninja, but I know they're out there...watching me.

2. When Casey did that double-backflip and kicked that guy in the head, That was so Ninja!

3. Steve is my true ninja.
by Ramuzei July 23, 2010
n. {nin-jah} A slang word used among Asians meaning: boy, homie, mate, bro, dawg, dude, etc. Functionally, it is the Asian equivalent of the word "nigger" or "nigga." Non-Asians risk getting ostracized or beat down if they try to call an Asian by this word.
Ninja, PLEASE.

JUMP, ninja!

Yo, wassup ninja! You lookin' good!

I ain't sayin' she's a gold-digger... but she ain't messin' wit no broke ninja!

Yo, what a ninja gotta do to get some ORANGE CHICKEN around here?!!
by (@O_0)=@)x_X) July 08, 2010
Someone who breaks into houses in the ghetto.
Darn, who robbed ya'll? A ninja!
by ThePhonies May 08, 2010

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