Abbreviation for NO Income No Job Assholes. Was originally a mortgage term for no income verification loans.

Also now major voting block of Obama supporters who expect something for nothing.
Those people bought into this neighborhood with a NINJA loan and now three months later they are foreclosed on and have trashed the house.

Acorn got the Ninjas out in force to vote for him by his campaign promises.
by Norby August 15, 2009
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An amazing game in which people must survive ninja karate chops in order to be the last ninja standing.

The rules are:
1. Extend one arm and place it in the middle with everyone else's arm.
2. On the count of 1, 2, 3, NINJA everyone jumps back (forming a circle) and strikes a ninja pose.
3. The game begins when a ninja decides to attempt to chop the hand of another ninja.
4. An attack attempt must only be made in one motion. Once that motion is made, the ninja must freeze is his new pose. Attacks can only be made to the ninja to the right or left.
5. Only attacking a ninja's hand will get him/her eliminated.
6. The ninja being attacked may dodge; however, that ninja must stay in his/her new ninja pose until he/she attacks or is attacked.
7. It is not necessary to attack every turn.
8. The last ninja standing is the ultimate ninja.
-Hey, do you wanna play ninja?
-No, I'm just not awesome enough for that game

-What happened while you were playing ninja?
-I accidentally had my hands by my sac, and let's just say the attacking ninja got handful.

by Champion Ninja March 14, 2010
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A word white frat guys can use to supplement the need for the word nigga without detection.
"We'd better cross the street here, those ninjas look irritable."
by PLPimp August 10, 2006
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This is the replacement word for white people to call someone a nigger and it be ok.
Wow, that oreo is being such a ninja right now.
by Collierflower January 19, 2009
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an acceptable alternative to the N word for white people to use when singing along to black music
realest ninjas
luda is one hell of a ninja, hos in different area codes hell yeah
michelle he's a ninja, go for it!
nat went ninja then came back???
by hanrose November 22, 2007
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A gamer in a Online Shooter that knifes u out of nowhere and moves on to his "next prey".
Your Online Friend: Hey man, there is a sniper in the second building to the right of u.
You: Thanks for the heads up!
(You move to kill in the sniper secretly, but a Ninja knifes u)
You: Damn ninja knifed me!
by CTank December 16, 2008
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a nice way to refer to a group of special "mentally challenged kids".
Damn bitch did you just see that group of ninjas?! they were running around all crazy and shit !I thought they were going to get lee my ass!
by Chelsea Mae April 10, 2005
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