A term commonly used by asians to address another asian. The word has roots in the afro-american term "nigga".
Damn ninja!

Whats up my ninja?

That ninja is fresh off the boat.
by G Unit1287 January 19, 2010
1-A slick, elusive, amazing fighter. Cannot be beaten by anyone/anything. Knows every style of fighting, mostly usues Asian Mixed Martial Arts. Can kill you in one swift movement with any object around them. Or even with their bare hands. They are not always asian. Never fallllls, they always land on their feet. Ninjas can read minds, perform amazing gymnast stunts, and can dogde a speeding bullet. Pretty much the greatest people to ever walk the earth. IMMORTAL TO EVERYTHING.
2-Another name for a smalll asian pole vaulter.
Did you see Jon yesterday? He totally fought off that anti-ninja with his amazing ninja skill!

Ninjas really know how to kick asss.

Courtney used her ninja skillll to jump on the car, flip onto some rooof, then dive into a helicopter.

Becca just cleared 9 feet!
by awesomeninja22 August 04, 2009
A visitor that appears late in night in hooded attire as not to be detected by others whose purpose is to perform sexually pleasing acts of a non-commitment based nature.
Jasmine "Dick for Days" Johnson is a ninja.
by pappi12 April 27, 2009
1. To sneak around with detection
2. To kill someone using either a neck snap (preferably inverted) or pulling them backwards into a knife
1. He ninjad his town last night
2. He ninjad the office building on main street, they're now hiring....for every position.
by Kommander_K August 23, 2008
to disperse a crowd of friends quickly hiding in dark corners and alleys
dude is that the cops??!! EVERYONE NINJA!!
by quiet richard March 05, 2008
v. To pwn someone in a stealthy way or by surprise
I was playing a game of GoW and it was only me and this other kid left so I creeped up behind him and ninja'd him with my shotgun, He never saw me coming.
by Keithian I. April 01, 2007
Mastering the art of stealth to leave work or an event, like a boring party, without anyone noticing.
Work sucked so bad today. I totally pulled a Ninja after lunch.
by Hayden Bond May 26, 2005

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