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In a forum, one who posts while another is still typing his post, making the latter's post seem repetitive or confusing.
dang it! bob ninja'd me and made me look like a total idiot that repeats everything he says!

dang, there are so many ninjas here that the whole thread makes no sense!
by tylertheoutcastzombie May 13, 2008
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A Ninja is someone who leaves a party or pub/club without telling their friends, all stealth-like (usually because they're tired or drunk and don't want to cop flak for leaving early). This practice can become a common prank between friends, sometimes blowing up into an all-out "Ninja War".
Friend 1: Where'd Beamers go?
Friend 2: Umm, she told me she was going to the bar for another drink. Wait... That was half an hour ago...
Friend 1: Unbelievable, she's done a Ninja again.
Friend 2: That's it, Ninja War declared.
by Beamers202 July 01, 2013
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Ninja is a phrase now used to label a person you do dirt with. It's roots are found from the actual Ninjas who would move in the darkness of the night, never being seen, veiled in mystery, also usually committing crimes as Ninjas were actually farmers who rebelled against the Samurais who were rich men, soldiers, and basically part of the Govt. Now the phrase is used more commonly to friends who you may be committing crimes with and crimes usually happen at night. If you commit a burglary then those affiliated with you could be called your ninjas. Of course, a lot of people just want to sound cool and use the phrase though never committed any crimes in their actual life. So the phrase has also become just another word similar to words and phrases like homey, homeboy and nigga.
I just called up my ninjas, we bout to rob them fools.
by PrettyBoy91 October 25, 2012
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An asian who totally kicks ass (like me).
Whoa! That guy is a freakin NINJA!
by theninjaofbeasts August 23, 2012
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Rachel Hinds
Rachel Hinds is a ninja
by HindZ May 30, 2012
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The art of dissapearing from a room or area with people, without any of them noticeing. it is very awesome, and hard to learn. they are great at partys, and it makes a terrific exit. *very similar to "pulling a batman".
GUY #1: so, dude, have u like, seen tony around here? I beat him in a chugging contest.
GUY #2: yeah, but he must have left.
GUY #1: no way, i had every exit covered. the dude owes me 5 bucks!
GUY #2: dude! do u know what happened?? the dude must've pulled a ninja on you!
GUY #1: what i jerk. but you've gotta admit, its pretty cool.
by Quantum Kestrel December 08, 2011
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stealthy individuals specialized in espionage and murder. They often use numchucks and fight with un-gloved hands
That girl just killed someone with her bare hands. She's such a ninja
by tennis ball kate October 17, 2011
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