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Much better word then my nigga, or the N-word. much more taste full, and not so ignorant to leave one smiling instead of cutting one down.
waz up my ninja
ninja please!

all the homies in the house yell ninja!
my ninja
you know yo my favorite ninja
ninja you mus think im stupid!
that's my ninja there.
and etc.
by thehitman1975 March 27, 2014
Rachel Hinds
Rachel Hinds is a ninja
by HindZ May 30, 2012
The art of dissapearing from a room or area with people, without any of them noticeing. it is very awesome, and hard to learn. they are great at partys, and it makes a terrific exit. *very similar to "pulling a batman".
GUY #1: so, dude, have u like, seen tony around here? I beat him in a chugging contest.
GUY #2: yeah, but he must have left.
GUY #1: no way, i had every exit covered. the dude owes me 5 bucks!
GUY #2: dude! do u know what happened?? the dude must've pulled a ninja on you!
GUY #1: what i jerk. but you've gotta admit, its pretty cool.
by Quantum Kestrel December 08, 2011
stealthy individuals specialized in espionage and murder. They often use numchucks and fight with un-gloved hands
That girl just killed someone with her bare hands. She's such a ninja
by tennis ball kate October 17, 2011
Super Stealth Killer
The girls in this tribe will go all ninja on you in a heartbeat.
by superstealthkillergirl September 09, 2011
Someone with KICK-ASS moves. They are practically impossible to see.
Guy 1: What was that?
Guy 2: Could be a ninja.

by MagicalNarwhal August 21, 2011
(N)o (I)ncome, (N)o (J)ob, or (A)ssets
That dude's a ninja.
by pedant5 August 13, 2011