Nerf is an anagram for non-expandable recreational foam, used in things like stress toys and as projectiles of some toy guns, great for firing at people around the office, although I would recommend that you work in a relaxed working environment first, as a stray foam projectile in your bosses coffe could lead to your dismissal.

This can also be used to describe a shot in a game that caused little harm (as with the foam projectiles).
Player 1: Yay! Direct hit! That must've hurt!
Player 2: Nah, you just nerfed me.
by GarethPN June 02, 2007
to make something in a videogame less desirable
I started to grow tired of Pokémon when they nerfed the attack system. (example of nerf)
by The Return of Light Joker January 13, 2010
A. When something unexpectant happens
B. When an overpowered thing gets decrease in skill or value
A. Oh man, nerf you. How did you do that?
B. Thanks god warlocks were nerfed, they were raping the fagget outta me.
by Guhjooka January 29, 2009
To squeeze a girl's butt cheek as you would a nerf ball.(Vigorously)
Levi just nerfed Sabrina's ass!
by Van-T July 10, 2008
one who is sexually attracted to turtles
"did you see the way that turtle was giving me that shit eating grin? you think itll give me a blow job?"
by tusninosquirendulce March 11, 2010
The act of cumming up your partner's nostrils after anal copulation. Term derives from the sound one makes after breathing in the cum
(Example) - 'breathes in',"NERF! SHNARF! COUGH! COUGH!
"So I was with this chick and she thought I was gonna cum on her face, but I totally nerfed her and she gagged..It was sweet."
by PEERC February 25, 2010
cheap fleshlight
i stuck my wiener in that nerf football.
by The Pat Masta Flex May 20, 2009

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