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a very skinny person, especially woman
1) supermodel kate moss 2)check out that waif-like indie chick
by iamsuzo July 21, 2005
Noun - A poor, skinny, homeless child typically in Dickensian London. Normally has unnecessary filth about his face and/or clothing. The butt of many cruel jokes involving his financial status.

Verb - the act of "waifing"

Adjective - A cruel insult, normally used for people smaller or less fortunate than yourself.

Adverb - "in the manor of a waif"
Noun - Look at that stupid waif. Lets kick him and rub dirt in his waif-face.

Verb - Look man. Gimme my burlap sack back before I waif you up.

Adjective - Look at that waif person. How very waif he is.

Adverb - He walked waifly down the street.
by WretchingGoatman May 10, 2005
A model, usually involved with haute-couture modeling who is skinnier than the average model.
Her visible ribs signifies that she is a waif.
by Ikare June 06, 2005
A skinnyskinny person, usually lanky.
Runway models strive for a waif-like figure.
by Jean February 09, 2004
A skinny woman that you can probably literally break in two.
"OMGZ did you see that model over there?! She's like a waif."
by LarLar September 12, 2006
skinny woman
man your girl if a fuckin waif
by unknown April 03, 2004
V. A euphemism for the word "Rape" made up by Wal-Mart, (and later adopted in K-Mart stores as well),in order to sell a Nirvana album. The album featured a song called "Rape Me", which most likely expressed the band's feelings about the music industry. Being the profiteers they are, Wal-Mart changed the name of the song, however most other text referring to the song remained the same.
Person 1: "I just got done hearing that kick ass "Waif me" song.

Person 2: "Go google that song."
by Vomica Medicus August 14, 2011

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