To fall over and not break anything; to be soft and squishy; unable to break objects
Katie pulled a nerf. Did you see Katie take that nerf dive earlier? OMG, look at that nerfaholic! Did you see, that kid just got nerf-a-fied!?
by Pink Nerf August 20, 2008
"No repercussions fuck"

The type of relationship you want with a sexual partner you're never going to see again.
Rick: Hey man, would you do Paris Hilton?
Jake: Man that bitch is nasty. But I'd probably still nerf her.
by gaf2011 June 18, 2008
A kid who is slow, and narrow-minded. Someone who doesn't think twice about what he does, and pays a tall price for being such an idiot. Similar to a 'douche' or 'tool.'
Guy 1- 'Dude guess what.'
Guy 2- 'What?'
Guy 1- 'Sean Grogan went to school even though no one else went.'
by adawk January 15, 2008
Something blizzard does to Rogues every patch.
Man, Blizzard Nerfed rogues again!
What else is new?!
by Buffrogues November 30, 2006
Like Cow, Except in the Star Wars Universe.
Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder!
-Princess Leia
by Gun Me Down Renton November 12, 2003
1. A noise made when one is are forced to do something one
does not wish to do.
2. A noise made when one has nothing better to do or say.
3. A noise caused by boredom.
1. "Go clean your room!"

2. ...(Silence)..."Nerf"

3. "There is nothing to do.....Nerf"
Comes from star wars, "nerf-herder" meaning some one that cleans S***, often adopted in MMORPGS for things being made worse
"they nerfed my powers"
by Alucart July 29, 2004

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