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The term "nerfing" comes from the online gaming world of Ultima Online.

At one point in the game, the developers reduced the power of swords in melee combat.

This resulted in players complaining that it was like they were hitting each other with nerf bats, not swords.

From then on, if ever something gets made less worth while than it had been originally, it is considered 'nerfed'
"Oh man, they reduced the dmg on the berserker class and now it's totally nerfed!"

"Damn, the Devs nerfed those axe's real good!"
by Dave Elliott January 11, 2005
v: something that worked at one time, but was changed (usually for the worse) by someone who did not understand that particular thing's usefulness. You used to have something cool, but now your stuff
suxors. Often refers to MMOFPS's or MMORPG's, when the game designers change in-game rules and they screw stuff up.
"That game used to pwn, but now it blows. They took out the best part."
"Whatever I was doing, I'm not doing it anymore, I got nerfed."
"Our junk was so much better before the designers all nerfed it."
by CmdrAwesome December 29, 2004
1.To make something pointless whereas before it was productive
2.To Stop something working

Usually a term used in online games
'' Aww Gawd They Nerfed My Fave Farming spot''
by James94 February 24, 2008
When a weapon in a game relating to call of duty is "taken down a notch". This means that it is no longer as good as it was, and is now no longer overpowered.
They nerfed Peacekeeper on Black ops II.
by Myamoxomis May 10, 2014
I've always wondered what exactly it means - in context it's code that's been deliberatly broken or functionality removed from a program in order to sell a higher priced alternative or also used as a general description of code that no longer works (after patching or updating)
I think it's something like "Not Even Really Functioning Effectivly Disabled/Destroyed" or something similar
M$ W0rd 9's HTML is NERFED (in order to sell M$ Fr0ntp@ge)
by Joe June 25, 2004
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