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A sometimes moody, but fricken kick ass chick to hang with. She's a very cool, straight chick who likes to read and has huge boobs. She doesn't take any shit from anyone. She may tend to be weird, and quite a music freak, but no one has a shit load of fun like this girl. Kati hates bitches, hoes, and skanks, so be careful because she pretty much can kick butt.
by Kejoyo February 11, 2010
A totally amazing girl. She's very sweet, but can tell someone off in a seconds notice. Mess with her. she'll jack you up. She doesn't take shit from anyone. At all. She's passionate about what she believes in, and is annoyingly smart in school, and on the streets. Guys fall head over heals for her charm and good looks. Every time she flashes you a smile, you'll just melt. She's no ordinary chick. Kati is weird, and can be crazy at times, but is definitely not a fake. It takes a lot to embarrass her, however she can be shy at times. She shows her colors and has dreams she puts into actions. Kati makes mistakes but she learns from them every time. With gorgeous eyes, plump lips, and silky hair, she's very cool and popular. She knows everyone inside and out. Kati loves music, and can never stay still. A straight southern sweetheart that can stand bitches, liars, or fakes, is loved by practically everyone that meets her.
Dude, ask Kati out, she's hot!
by HiIRideTheShortBusnotttjkhah November 26, 2010
happy little feller : ]
but sometimes wierd
and unique
and impatient
wow look at katis outfit today!!
by b%t#& July 10, 2008
A generally not so popular name but a totally amazing girl! Definitely, not your ordinary. Katis' usually tend to be very independent and gorgeous. Great style as well as personality. They will make you fall in love with their smile. Katis' LOVE to joke around and just live life without caring what others think. Because of this many people respect them. They are very sweet people but can tell someone off in a seconds notice. A Katis is definitly a trust-worthy and loyal friend for life.
There she goes...must be KATIS!
by letmeupgradeyou October 26, 2014
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