When Greninja from Smash Bros. is too gud and needs to be more worse
Better Nerf Greninja
by xX360NoScoper420BlazeItM8Xx May 14, 2015
1. A toy made by Hasbro Starting in the 1970's. (in 1969 they had a foam ball) nerf guns in the 70's shot foam balls, now they shoot foam darts.

2. To decrease one's power in video games because one is too overpowered.
1. Ryan: Hey Tom, im going to have a nerf war, wanna come?
Tom: Sure!

2. Dude the Ray Gun was AWESOME in Black Ops 1. Now in Black Ops 2 they nerferd it. now it cant do shit.
by Epicryan158 September 16, 2013
Any change to a game element that makes it considerably less powerful or desirable.
Floyd: Don't put the Nerf on my team, just to try and slow me down.

Beth: Oh, come on im good *Shoots self in head*.
by qwerty96 July 03, 2012
Cross between a waif and a nerd. Totally sexy.
When Kati puts her glasses on, she's a total nerf. I would love to make nerf babies with her.
by bumdharma July 03, 2013
A nerd who pays for glimpses of the body or sexual pleasures.
"That nerf just gave Mandy twenty dollars for her to flash her breasts!"
by sexual unicorn beast February 07, 2013
To leave or pass on unfinished, undocumented or poorly thoughout work for another coworker.
John is going to Nerf Steve when he quits and Steve takes over his projects.
by JookyDFW November 07, 2011
Not Even Remotely Funny
Guy - "My dog just died."

Guy's 'friend,' - "Haha, he was stupid anyways. Don't worry, you'll have more time to hang out with me now."

Guy - *punches 'friend' in the face*

"That's N.E.R.F. , dude, I loved my dog! Plus, I don't want to hang out with you, you're such a D.A.!"
by CaptainNMorgan August 19, 2010
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