something wack; usually used by some lame new fairfield yuppies
"thats nerf"
by i am that guy September 12, 2008
verb: used in the off road community. to bump, or tap another vehicle. can also be used sexually.
"haha, i just nerfed the bumper on your truck brah"

dude 1: "remember that chick Ashley from that party last night?"
dude 2: "The one with the big tits?"
dude 3: "yahh, I nerfed her with my dick...or cock!"
by tacofab November 22, 2009
The state of being so frustrated by ineptitude in the office that one wishes to stuff a nerf football down the offender's throat to end the frustration.
God DAMN it! My boss has no idea what this project is all about, I just feel so damn....nerf!
by thecorsair June 11, 2009
NERF. A noun, verb, direct object, indirect object, adjective, and preposition. It is the greatest creation known to man. Also, it has become a very popular word to use to describe someone or something. It is a creation from God himself. Also the original name for the Sasquatch.
"Dude throw me the NERF!"

"BRO, that party was so NERF last night."
"I know brah, i NERFed it up so much."

"My friend Brendan is the NERFest guy in the WORLD."
"I know he's so hot."

"NOL!" (NERF out loud)
by [bisthebomb] April 07, 2009
A term used if you play World of Warcraft when the newest patch took a feature away from the gameplay. The most recent nerf was the night elf cat mount, which doesn't roar when you press the spacebar any more.
Player 1: dude, they nerf'd the cat mount roar!!!
Player 2: ...whut!? NOWAI!!!1
Player 1: omg they've gotta nerf the fact that dr00ds can dismount their flying mount and pop into flight form lyke that
Player 2: yarly
by Smartass v2.0 May 21, 2008
The term "nerf" comes from the online gaming world of Ultima Online.

At one point in the game, the developers reduced the power of swords in melee combat.

This resulted in players complaining that it was like they were hitting each other with nerf bats, not swords.

From then on, if ever something gets made less worth while than it had been originally, it has been considered a 'nerf'.
"Oh man, they reduced the dmg on the berserker class and now it's totally nerfed!"

"Damn, the Devs nerfed those axe's real good!"
by Dave Elliott July 06, 2005
To fall over and not break anything; to be soft and squishy; unable to break objects
Katie pulled a nerf. Did you see Katie take that nerf dive earlier? OMG, look at that nerfaholic! Did you see, that kid just got nerf-a-fied!?
by Pink Nerf August 20, 2008

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