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you completed a task successfully or got something right . ie :You nailed it to the cross.
" Oh man I rocked that test... PIMP"
" Ya... me too ... I nailed it!"
by carl June 18, 2006
That's right, on the money, perfection, you guessed it. Spot on. Also mean sex, but in this situation it means 'correct'
Cheers, you nailed it.

Yes, wonderful, you have nailed it lol.
by 1Enlightened1 February 28, 2013
To do something which is more grand than stereotypically expected
You To GF: So wait, you're both a gamer and a dancer?
GF: Well yeah
You: Nailed it!
by JesusTheDragonborn May 25, 2015
When you see something that is done well. ie. Copying something you see on Pinterest. Then you try it and fail.

Said sarcastically, "nailed it"!
Nailed it!...not! (See Pinterest fails)
by Chipanda September 03, 2015
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