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verb- Sneakily replacing a person’s computer background with a picture of Gary Busey. This is generally done to annoy the victim.
Mr. Douche- "Why did you Gary Busey me?”
Cool Kid- “Because you are douche who wears ski masks to school.”
by VirtualPhil April 09, 2009
Decent actor and father of Jake Busey. Seems to be more than a little crazy in more ways than one. Did a lot of drugs and hit his head very hard in a motor cycle accident. Believes he had a conversation with Death personified and in alien conspiracies. Amusingly he is also a registered pastor of sorts. Most people agree he's a bit of a nutjob, including his son, but that he's a well meaning, funny guy.
Most recent projects include an acting appearance in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the TV show I'm With Busey on Comedy Central. The latter does an excellent job of illustrating his behavior.
by JFern May 14, 2004
Actor whos the craziest funniest burnout there is!!!
Actuall Gary Busey quote;
I could tell by the quadrangle of the verbs used in your sentence.

Other person;
by Jag III November 14, 2004
An alcoholic drink that consists of Gatorade, Red Bull, and Everclear. Because the drink is largely made up of Gatorade and Red Bull, party goers are often able to consume large amounts. However, the addition of Everclear makes the drink very alcoholic. The drink is usually served in a jug that portrays a picture of Gary Busey.
Bro, you passed out at 12 last night! What happened?
I had some Gary Busey and it knocked me on my ass...
by SpurgeBros May 20, 2014
Being overly aggressive in a situation that doesn't call for it.
Yea, yelling and making a scene after that is definitely being a little overly aggressive in that situation, definitely uncalled for! Talk about acting Gary Busey!
by knasbash June 20, 2011
v, to be frequently angry in situations that don't call for it, or to be angrier than the recommended amount in a given situation.
Situation 1

Man A: "Hey bro, we're out of frosted flakes... Just though you should know"

Man B: "WHAT THE HELL!!!!!??? * topples the refridgerator, breaks all of the bowls, bends the spoons rendereing them unusable, and soccer kicks his girlfriend in the cooter*

Situation 2

Man A: Hey boyo, Steve signed the guestbook...

Man B: *goes outside, gets in his car, and rams Steve's car repeatedly, and then shits on the hood of said car* "That'll teach him to not clean up after himself...

Man A: Wow, he just went all Gary Busey, and annihilated Steve's car... WTF, that guy needs therapy...
by Casey MF'n Druham May 12, 2011
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