Not to be mistaken for a newb, the n00b enter a chatroom or forum, causing chaos and destruction. They usually target site moderaters and beg the fuck out of them until they are banned, then they make a new account. Do not approach these strange creatures alone. Always have an anti-spyware and pop-up blocker ready incase of any viruses they try to send through your pc.
That n00b wont quit spamming in my thread... he must have been beaten as a child.
by Tabitha Massacre April 21, 2008
Term used by veteran or experienced members of an online community (forum, game, etc) to call out those who are less experienced, don't abide by the rule of said community (which are often arbitrary, overly detailed, and kept secret), or who otherwise do something that the experienced member doesn't like. The term is usually used primarily as a means of inflating the ego of the user, by giving him/her a sense of authority within this particular online community. Often this ego boost is sought because the protagonist has little or nothing happening in his/her "offline" life.

This term is occasionally used in non-computer related activities, such as sports. Such use is particularly despicable, and it generally serves to reduce or eliminate any respect held for the user.
Person 1: Misses a shot while playing basketball.

Person 2: Man what a n00b!!!

Person 1: Did you just say n00b?! Seriously, did you? Please
tell me you didn't. I officially have ZERO respect for you.

Person 2: Whatever, you're a looser n00b, just like all the n00bs that I call out all the time in my favorite chatroom, I have 27,879 posts there.

Person 1: Just walks away.
by jim87654321 October 18, 2007
A term used in online discourse to belittle and bully others. Often an expression of impatience with a game-player who might seem less than proficient, but also just a handy insult for those without the vocabulary, manners, humour, tolerance or spelling that their mums hoped they'd have by that age.
A: Oh, bother. We lost the game, possibly because of an error on the part of player B. My life extends not much further than the online game world, so obviously I'm miffed. How shall I express my frustration? With a cheerful and sporting, "We'll get 'em next time" or "Don't feel too bad"? Nah! Hey, player B: "n00b!" That told him.
by LDS November 23, 2005
A retarded arrogant alcoholic fucktard who doesn't realize he is actually pressing a zero instead of an o. They are potentially dangerous, they might "pwn" or "rape" you while you are playing video games or on online forums. For safety precautions please wear a cup on your asshole when you play halo.
Nerd "zomg 1 pwn u n00b"
Hobbyist *puts cup over asshole*
by K1337 Jesus July 03, 2010
someone who thinks they are better than other player/ causes needless arguments. also is a high level/ rank, but is completely crap at whatever they do.
Two real life incidents:

n00b: hey you english fag! big ben big ben! english teabag! you jealous of america!
english guy: shut the fuck up.

EX 2:
n00b gets a kill. starts teabagging body. killed player goes to spot of death, sees n00b still teabagging body. n00b dies explosively from behind.
by thisrandombloke June 03, 2010
A n00b is someone who has no internet edicit whatsoever and yet still persists to use the internet almost all the time annoying the living shit out of anyone he or she or it meets.
How to act like a n00b.
1. Stop caring what anyone thinks or you.
2. Learn to love being annoying.
3. Learn every single racist, sexist, homophobic, and sacreligous term known to man and use almost everysingle one of them everytime you talk to anyone.
4. Lastly and most important of all, Stop having a life and spend all day on the computer annoying everyone you can find.
by Cj Leaman. April 17, 2006
People who always lose in a game and when the finally win they think they're the best and

or a REALLY annoying person
DesktopCat:YES WE WON!


DesktopCat:I didn't drop a landmine you just dropped

a grenade by your side and by time you realized it you were blown to pieces


DesktopCat:Yeah but I didn't drop it there....matter of fact I wasn't anywhere near him


*N00b1 has been banned*
*N00b2 has been banned*

by Desudigamoni January 15, 2011
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