A even more nerdy way to call somebody a Noob.

Sometimes it can imply that the noob is more then a mere noob. He or she may be some kind of super noob.
Noob: You suck!

N00b: I ownzed you!
by Proem March 07, 2010
A n00b is not knowing what a n00b is.
My girlfriend called her mom a n00b and then spent an hour explaining what a n00b was.
by m3rcurymorbid February 14, 2010
somebody who knows less about the subject at hand than you do.
he's still watching season 2 of the big bang theory. what a n00b.

she doesn't know anything about warcraft. this n00b is gonna get pwned.
by madguy000 December 08, 2009
o.O A lot of people think that n00bs are people who can spell and don't play much, but I think that a n00b is a really, REALLY annoying person who speaks in some unknown, fractured form of chatspeak and spams non-stop because they are total retards. =]
Normal Person: Hi
n00b: Hy dud u ce tart dewd hee gawt so ttly pwned en hee sux

((For those who couldn't understand my attempt at n00bs-speak (me being not a n00b and all) I have provided a translation))

n00b: Hi dude, you see that dude he got so totally owned and he sucks.
by Dainy May 31, 2008
Idiots who laugh at people for reading what the definition of n00b is on urbandictionary.com, since most people do it for fun, since most definitions for n00b really suck, especially the ones saying respectful new players are n00bs.
Newbie: Hey, I'm new to this game. I heard it's awesome. Someone please tell me the basics?
n00b: z0MG n00b j00 sux at dis gaim fk ur faic
Newbie: I know what a n00b is, n00b.
(n00b has ragequit.)
Level 100: You suck man-
Newbie: You're a n00b too, I already know what you're going to say.
(Level 100 has ragequit.)

(Guy reads n00b definitions for fun.)
Guy: I'm not a f***ing n00b you fags, I'm reading n00b definitions for fun, n00bs!
by Generic Ordinary Sensible Guy January 02, 2014
a common insult from people who play xbox 360 (mostly used on facebook)
ahhh damn that stupid n00b killed me
by zartey07 November 03, 2010
Someone who lacks the ability to do something; a new comer. Usually used in video/computer games...I use it to mean anyone new at something, especially doing drugs/smoking.
Those n00bs couldn't smoke weed for shit! They suck in, and let it out without breathing it in. Next time, let's give them oregano instead.
by madi.hates.n00bs January 30, 2010

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