The most overused word on earth, which has been used for years by real gaming veterans but which now is used by a variety of douche bags who can't possibly comprehend that it doesn't matter that they can win at video games. The real sad part is that people still take offense to being called a n00b.
Player 1: "Ha, pwned you n00b."
Player 2: "Oh my gosh!! I cannot possibly stand the fact that you're better at video games than me! I'm not a n00b! You're the n00b, so ha!"
by Moronlicious June 14, 2009
Illiterate morons who use the word ''noob''.
lulz n00b i ttly PwN j00!
by asdfPerkele May 20, 2008
There is two different versions of the word noob.
Noob - Someone who is new at a game or some other form of entertainment. People love to take advantage of noobs.
N00b - Someone SO annoying/acts like and idiot(or a noob) on the internet that it almost makes you want to hang yourself.
Noob: "Hey guys whats the jump button?" Player: "Hehe, Press A you'll jump"
n00b: "OmG H4I GUIS3!! L3T M3 TURN ON MAI L33T H4X!!!111Shift+1" *Vote ban starts* n00b: "awwwwww d0n't b3 h4ttin!"
by Killer524 March 04, 2008
One who is sorrowfully unskilled in either a general or specific area related to computers. A n00b's natural environment is never safe, for wherever he goes he will be laughed at.
newbie, noob, lamer, may also be wannabe depending on the type
by Lanche July 17, 2004
A n00b is not knowing what a n00b is.
My girlfriend called her mom a n00b and then spent an hour explaining what a n00b was.
by m3rcurymorbid February 14, 2010
a person who plays an online game less than 10 hours a day. often used as an insult by more experienced players. also usually means a person who has a job, social life, and friends (not in the online game).
guy who plays to much runescape: stfu N00b!!
by nick eddy August 05, 2008
N00bs are most often found online, where anonymity tends to cause people to believe that they can say or do anything without consequence. Example: A 9 year old would never go up to a group of older teenagers and yell “You are gay, you stupid fags!” but online this happens all the time. (Although it would usually look like “U R gay u stpid fagz!!1/”)
N00bs can be found in real life as well, but this is much less common.
In general n00bs are usually rude and ignorant. N00bs also tend to be unskilled at most online activities; incorrect spelling is the first giveaway.
Newbies are not to be confused with n00bs. Newbies are just new at whatever they are doing (New + baby = newbie) so they tend to be confused or unskilled, but NOT ignorant and annoying like n00bs.
Newbie “Oh man, I just got killed again… you guys too hardcore for me”
N00b “OMG! Stop kiling me u haxzors!!”
by MBTB February 23, 2006
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