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from the German word 'kaputt' (broken, in pieces, out of order)
Ich bin zu kaputt (I'm too beat-up)
by ecco June 08, 2005
154 39
Something thats broken or not functioning anymore. During sexual intercourse it can also refer bodyparts hurting.
During anal sex: Not my ass anymore, my ass ist kaput!
by TheEvilClown November 30, 2011
22 11
Broken, Un-serviceable. In common useage in Kiwiland.
Looks kaput to me!
by AnotherDamnKiwi February 17, 2004
39 30
disappearing in thin air.
the blunt went kaput after Adam dropped it.
by JohnMotherfuckinYaggi November 28, 2011
5 13
when your computer enters in a state where it must be umplugged to make it respond. where no mouse click, keystroke will make it respond.
doggone it, this stupid PC went kaput.
by grizzlymaster October 27, 2008
12 30
means this is down
this is kaput
by kaputman January 13, 2009
10 30