when you take a dead body and have 1 person put their mouth on the corpse's vagina and have the other person jump on her stomach. everything that comes out of the vagina is called "mung".
when eva longoria dies i might mung her
#mung #mung 2 #minge #smut #charlie
by Jwords April 26, 2008
The act of munging is a delicate art. This past-time requires two people, a dead body (preferably), a sharp instrument (knife, fork, etc), and a repulsive idea of fun. Then one person proceeds to insert the sharp object into the genital area or anus and swirl it around, thus cutting up the insides/organs of the chosen dead body. Once the cutting is completed, the person places his/her mouth around the genitals while thier partner in crime applies pressure to the victims stomach (either through jumping, elbow dropping, foot stomping, or something of thier own design). Thus, the organs and entrails are projected into the mouth of the lucky person. This bloody concoction is the "mung" while the whole act is known as "munging".
Munging is a one of a kind way to have some fun...
#munging #bloody entrails #repulsive #fun #dead bodies
by Marchie February 19, 2006
Mung (n.) 1. A slang word used to describe the contents of afterbirth. 2. The #1 worst thing to get when trick-or-treating on Halloween. (Wayne's World, SNL) 3. The excretion that results from applying pressure to a pregnant woman's stomach. (South Park)

Ew, yo, I smell afterbirth... Mung.

For breakfast, I usualy begin my day with a steaming cup of mung, followed by french toast.

When it's gotta be Mung, make it Mung brand Mung.
#mung #mugn #afterbirth #mung brand #goo
by MartinMcManus December 05, 2005
another word for the flegm left on your teeth when you have gone a long time without oral hygiene.
Jimmy forgot to brush his teeth and got his teeth covered in mung
by Julian Stacey June 24, 2005
vaginal secretions from a pregnant woman due to pushing on her stomach
" after i fucked my pregnant wife, my dick was covered in mung" or " i went down on a pregnant chick and got a mouth full of mung"
#vaginal #secretion #south park #brown noise #pregnant intercourse
by glass bottom boat captain March 26, 2009
The vaginal fluid that comes out of a womans genitals while pregnant.
Pregnant women need to change their underwear often so the Mung won't build up.
#mung #munag #chung #hung #bung
by tawm jawnz March 16, 2009
v. simply snatch a pregnet woman, have one of your buddies jump on her stomach while you are between her legs...use your imagination people..
"Dude i totally mungd' your mom last night.."
#rape #bash n' smash #nasty splashy #wet rabbit #leap of no return
by Ty Kirk April 02, 2008
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