The action of squeezing another's knee cap or shoulder. This act is typically done as a joke or can be used as a question of "Oh Mung?" which literally means "are you horny?"
Aaron: "Oh mung"
Jacob: "you know it!"
by Munger55 March 09, 2008
Any vile or disgusting substance. Named after the actual definition which is the fluids that come out of a recently dead woman usually a nice cocktail of embalming fluid and leftover bodily fluids. Elderly women over 60 are preferred for this but beggars can't be choosers.

To get it you must go to a cemetery with very liberal security and a buddy you trust enough to commit breaking and entering with. You will also need said buddy to help you dig up the grave. Once you've hit pay dirt and found the corpse you put your lips around the vagina of the dead woman and have your buddy jump off a tombstone and onto the corpse's stomach and wait for the mung to splash up into your mouth.
Ewww Jessica just stepped in mung while wearing flip-flops.
by DennisIsEvil October 20, 2006
You and a buddy find a pregant woman either alive or dead. While the "faceman" lays down with his face firmly planted in the woman's crotch, the "jumpman" jumps off of a ladder in a canon-ball style and lands directly on her stomach. The impact should force different vagina and pregnant fluids out of the the vagina and into the face of the "faceman," with the ultimate goal being to eject the fetus from the woman as well. It is recommended that the "faceman" wear a poncho and some protective goggles. Two "jumpmen" may be needed for larger women.
This chick from Finland said she liked to mung, so my buddy jumped off of a ladder and I took a fetus square in the forehead.
by The Captain Mung May 13, 2005
The dirt, dead skin, and oil mixture that cakes up when you rub your skin vigorously, usually when showering has been skipped for several days. It has a grayish-green color and the consistency of clay. It smells earthy with with a musty finish.
He loved making sculptures out of his freshly rubbed mung.
by B-RaddaR-B July 20, 2011
When you jump on a pregnant chick's stomach, the shit that comes out: that shit's is mung.
"What is that? It looks clear to milky-red-clear . . ."
"That shit's is mung."
by Coo Docta Money February 09, 2006
When a woman is pregnant. If your press on her bell-button and a fluid will come out of her vagina. This Fluid is called mung.
Mung is what covers newborns but it is more disgusting when it is alone.
by MaryJaneMung69 April 11, 2010
vaginal secretions from a pregnant woman due to pushing on her stomach
" after i fucked my pregnant wife, my dick was covered in mung" or " i went down on a pregnant chick and got a mouth full of mung"
by glass bottom boat captain March 26, 2009

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