The build up of various bodily fluids including and not limited to urine, semen, sweat, saliva and fecal matter that accumulates on and around the base of the commode, mostly found in dank public restrooms and glory holes. The "matter " resembles a dark pastey material with specific odor. This matter is considered an aphrodisiac by a select few.
I caught that sick bastard Mahlon on his hands and knees sniffing the Mung around the commode in the men's room up on the fifth floor..
by Uscored October 30, 2012
I heard trumpet players in the band refer to this as what remains in the horn after the spit valve has been emptied, i.e. a thin coating of hardened or coagulated saliva that builds up. Could also apply to other brass instruments and woodwinds.
You're getting out of tune. That thing must be filled with mung. You'd better wash it out.
by tralbry October 04, 2011
Non-specific liquid found in un-clean places.
Garbage - Trash = mung
by Nutralizr April 22, 2009
The accumulation of grease, hand lotion, dead skin, hair, Diet Coke, and food crumbs that accumulates on the rollers inside a computer mouse.
I had to go into Sherry's office about every four or five weeks and scrape the mung off the rollers in her mouse, when elsewhere in the department, this practice was necessary maybe once every eight or ten months (and most people were clever enough to figure out how to do it themselves).
by Spacklepants November 16, 2006
The act of munging is a delicate art. This past-time requires two people, a dead body (preferably), a sharp instrument (knife, fork, etc), and a repulsive idea of fun. Then one person proceeds to insert the sharp object into the genital area or anus and swirl it around, thus cutting up the insides/organs of the chosen dead body. Once the cutting is completed, the person places his/her mouth around the genitals while thier partner in crime applies pressure to the victims stomach (either through jumping, elbow dropping, foot stomping, or something of thier own design). Thus, the organs and entrails are projected into the mouth of the lucky person. This bloody concoction is the "mung" while the whole act is known as "munging".
Munging is a one of a kind way to have some fun...
by Marchie February 19, 2006
Its the greasy, hairy stuff you find in dark unseen places.
Mung is like to goo in between keys on a 10 year old college keyboard. Like the goo you find in unwashed cups holders in vehicles. Like the crap you find between table leafs when you go to put in the extra leaf. the stuff buried at the bottom of the bristles of an uncleaned hair brush...or tooth (yukky) brush. Like the gunk you find in the creases of your arm pits that you failed to wash for a week. I sure you can think of many more.
by SenorPopeye June 10, 2009
afterbirth,amniotic fluid, in lehmans terms the liquid that comes out of a pregnant womans snatch after giving birth.

also mung can mean filth. or eny action that is completly disgusting

an exelent insult word
"fuck you man your nothing but mung"

"shut the fuck up and go drink some mung"
by MonkeyNamedTito January 13, 2009

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