When you jump on a pregnant chick's stomach, the shit that comes out: that shit's is mung.
"What is that? It looks clear to milky-red-clear . . ."
"That shit's is mung."
by Coo Docta Money February 09, 2006
Any vile or putrid substance resembling a swamp or quagmire; swamplike; Any malodorous decaying pit of grass clippings, standing water and garbage. More specifically, THE Mung in the back of Matt and Brett's house kept guard by Clovis.
"Hey Matt, I fell into the fuckin' Mung when I was running from the cops after they busted your party. I smell like a fuckin' sewer...what the fuck is in the Mung? I got some on my skin. Is my foot going to fall off?
by Kowal June 18, 2005
When a woman is pregnant. If your press on her bell-button and a fluid will come out of her vagina. This Fluid is called mung.
Mung is what covers newborns but it is more disgusting when it is alone.
by MaryJaneMung69 April 11, 2010
the mucus that is released when you poop.
I put the mung in his mouth when he was sleeping
by dranglemaster May 10, 2008
The action of squeazing ones knee cap or shoulder. Normaly done as a childish joke.
Also can be said out loud many times in a row to anoy fellow friends.
jared: Mung,Mung, mung, mung
zeke: stop that is getting realy anoying!
by snowsk8z April 05, 2008
The action of squeezing another's knee cap or shoulder. This act is typically done as a joke or can be used as a question of "Oh Mung?" which literally means "are you horny?"
Aaron: "Oh mung"
Jacob: "you know it!"
by Munger55 March 09, 2008
1. Noun. The Sticky Transluscent Red Stuff That Comes Out When You Push Down On A Pregnant Woman's Stomach.
2. Verb. To Mung. The Process Of Squeezing Mung Out Onto The Face Of The Receiver.
3. Sexual Attraction To Mung - Placentophilia.
She Really Munged Me
I'll Mung You Good Later You Baaaaaad Boy
Jesus Mark, Youve Got Mung All Over Your New Filing Cabinet
Mung Tastes Like Spare Change And Raw Horse Blood
by Led Zep Fan May 15, 2007
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