the mucus that is released when you poop.
I put the mung in his mouth when he was sleeping
by dranglemaster May 10, 2008
when you take a dead body and have 1 person put their mouth on the corpse's vagina and have the other person jump on her stomach. everything that comes out of the vagina is called "mung".
when eva longoria dies i might mung her
by Jwords April 26, 2008
v. simply snatch a pregnet woman, have one of your buddies jump on her stomach while you are between her legs...use your imagination people..
"Dude i totally mungd' your mom last night.."
by Ty Kirk April 02, 2008
The action of squeezing another's knee cap or shoulder. This act is typically done as a joke or can be used as a question of "Oh Mung?" which literally means "are you horny?"
Aaron: "Oh mung"
Jacob: "you know it!"
by Munger55 March 09, 2008
the algae, seaweed, and miscellaneous unpleasant plant matter found in lakes or the ocean; a common term among surfers.
Dude, I got mung in my wetsuit while I was out today.
by MrEff May 10, 2007
in 1976 the word mung was described to me as the stuff that runs down a pregnant womans legs after you hit her in the stomach with a baseball bat about 20 times...this matches the south park reference and as frank zappa would say "vile and pernicous",
the beauty of truly disgusting words is that once you hear the meaning you have heard enough,mung
by ekim live July 22, 2006
The action of squeazing ones knee cap or shoulder. Normaly done as a childish joke.
Also can be said out loud many times in a row to anoy fellow friends.
jared: Mung,Mung, mung, mung
zeke: stop that is getting realy anoying!
by snowsk8z April 05, 2008

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