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vaginal secretions from a pregnant woman due to pushing on her stomach
" after i fucked my pregnant wife, my dick was covered in mung" or " i went down on a pregnant chick and got a mouth full of mung"
by glass bottom boat captain March 26, 2009
The vaginal fluid that comes out of a womans genitals while pregnant.
Pregnant women need to change their underwear often so the Mung won't build up.
by tawm jawnz March 16, 2009
the mucus that is released when you poop.
I put the mung in his mouth when he was sleeping
by dranglemaster May 10, 2008
The action of squeazing ones knee cap or shoulder. Normaly done as a childish joke.
Also can be said out loud many times in a row to anoy fellow friends.
jared: Mung,Mung, mung, mung
zeke: stop that is getting realy anoying!
by snowsk8z April 05, 2008
(Noun) You and a friend go to the graveyard, dig up a nice chick whose been dead for say, 10 years. You stand with your mouth open in front of her vagina and your friend jumps off of some sort of platform onto her stomach. What comes out is mung. (Verb) The act of achieving mung
'Hey, Sulla, remember how bad that mung smelled?' (noun)
'Sulla, I'm so pissed right now, the only thing that will help is a nice mung.' (ver)
by Buntcake Sulla April 04, 2008
v. simply snatch a pregnet woman, have one of your buddies jump on her stomach while you are between her legs...use your imagination people..
"Dude i totally mungd' your mom last night.."
by Ty Kirk April 02, 2008
the algae, seaweed, and miscellaneous unpleasant plant matter found in lakes or the ocean; a common term among surfers.
Dude, I got mung in my wetsuit while I was out today.
by MrEff May 10, 2007