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When some slob makes sure he rubs his crotch up against a girl nonchalantly, and then says something lame like "Sorry!" ... a really assinine way to cop-a-feel.

Say you are in a record store, flipping through the vinyl... and the scumbag with the mullet who smells like B.O., cigarettes, and Pabst acts like you're in the way and the only way to get around you is to brush-up against, and says "Oh, excuse me!" or "Sorry"(like thats gonna make it any less violating)... the thing you always feel is the zipper of his pants against your ass or back, and of course he got friction out of it.
When I was at the shoe store, some asshole totally gave me "The Cockbrush" when I was looking through the rack.
by Julzfin February 26, 2006
Any filth or secretion that can be oozed from the body excluding excrement.
You have mung stains in your underwear.
by Julzfin July 21, 2005
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