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To practice the art of cleanliness or to be clean.
Greg: Hey mang lets go to mcdonalds and get some grub.
Art: No way man the dont got no hygiene!
Greg (doesnt ever shower): What's hygiene??
by Nick DS June 30, 2006
The main factor in how close people are willing to stand next to you in any given situation.
What is John missing that Gene has? Besides rich parents? That's right - hygiene!
by Yams February 17, 2010
How close people are willing to stand next to you.
John never brushes his teeth, so a family of cockroaches reside in the crevices of his teeth.

Gene, on the other hand, practises hygiene, therefor serves as a clean, desease free light that shines through John's stink cloud.
by Shannabee June 21, 2011
Any of a number items available for purchase in the prison commissary. More common examples would be deoderant, soap, shampoo, sanitary napkins, tooth paste, and fingernail clippers.
Shanaynay and Big Mama are in the SHU (Special Housing Unit) because they were fighing over hygienes. The unit officer had enough.
by sanjac1836 May 25, 2008
The practice of remaining clean and sanitary. Often times workplace hygiene is important and services are needed to keep the place clean!
Workplace Essentials will keep your workplace hygiene up to date!
by Workplace Essentials January 15, 2015
Very extraordinary.

Its literal definition is "Perfect". Say this if you want to not only be with it, but way, way ahead of it. Hygiene.

A situation that caught your attention, generally referred to as hygiene because it is clean and something you can agree with. Some who used to say proper would now say 'hygeine'
That shit was hygiene yo!

Hope you caught the end of the game! Mad hygiene.
by AndreandSriram January 25, 2012
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