Stephen Reid and Skyler Stetler's pillow cases
damn bitch check out that mung, ew its looks like skylers face.
by 325176537533332436654364365426 April 03, 2009
afterbirth,amniotic fluid, in lehmans terms the liquid that comes out of a pregnant womans snatch after giving birth.

also mung can mean filth. or eny action that is completly disgusting

an exelent insult word
"fuck you man your nothing but mung"

"shut the fuck up and go drink some mung"
by MonkeyNamedTito January 13, 2009
The accumulation of grease, hand lotion, dead skin, hair, Diet Coke, and food crumbs that accumulates on the rollers inside a computer mouse.
I had to go into Sherry's office about every four or five weeks and scrape the mung off the rollers in her mouse, when elsewhere in the department, this practice was necessary maybe once every eight or ten months (and most people were clever enough to figure out how to do it themselves).
by Spacklepants November 16, 2006
You and a buddy find a pregant woman either alive or dead. While the "faceman" lays down with his face firmly planted in the woman's crotch, the "jumpman" jumps off of a ladder in a canon-ball style and lands directly on her stomach. The impact should force different vagina and pregnant fluids out of the the vagina and into the face of the "faceman," with the ultimate goal being to eject the fetus from the woman as well. It is recommended that the "faceman" wear a poncho and some protective goggles. Two "jumpmen" may be needed for larger women.
This chick from Finland said she liked to mung, so my buddy jumped off of a ladder and I took a fetus square in the forehead.
by The Captain Mung May 13, 2005
The dirt, dead skin, and oil mixture that cakes up when you rub your skin vigorously, usually when showering has been skipped for several days. It has a grayish-green color and the consistency of clay. It smells earthy with with a musty finish.
He loved making sculptures out of his freshly rubbed mung.
by B-RaddaR-B July 20, 2011
The brown stuff that accumulates at the bottom of a coffee pot.
When was the last time you cleaned the mung out of your coffee pot?
by Yowsil August 01, 2009
Mung v. Eat, or to eat.
Mung on this.

Let's go find something to mung on.
by Dr. Roberto Le Camembert February 23, 2009
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