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A mixture between a "muppet" and a "pumpkin". Used:
1. as a term of endearment
2. a lighthearted insult.
1. Ohhh you cheeky lil mumpkin
2. Haha keep it shut you, ya mumpkin!
by Jeff24 January 09, 2005
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A short man who is known as a dwarf or midget, is a slave that must work in the fields his whole life.
Jeremy the mumpkin loved to work in the fields but suffers from short person syndrome
by M-GZ November 21, 2010
The act of masturbating while pooping. Similar to a blumpkin, but not quite.
Guy- dude you were in there for a while, i mean damn!

Guy2- yeah, i was busy getting a mumpkin!

Guy- Understandable
by Donny D (D=Down Syndrome) May 31, 2011
A blumpkin performed by a midget.
The Kebler elf gives a great mumpkin
by mumpkin lover April 08, 2004

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