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37 definitions by Jeff24

1.To drink alcohol really fast without breathing.People usually chant this at the person who is drinking.
2.To describe how you go somewhere
2.Wanna chug off down the local?
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003
BYOB is an acronym with several similar yet related expansions. The acronym is most often associated with a social gathering (a party) at which the host will not be providing alcoholic beverages; the guests are invited to bring a beverage of their choice for their own consumption.

Common expansions of the acronym include:

Bring Your Own Bottle
Bring Your Own Booze
Bring Your Own Beer
Bring Your Own Beverage
not applicable, see above
by jeff24 July 01, 2005
An alternative to the tequila slammer. Snort the salt, down the shot, squeeze lime in the eye.

*WARNING* May cause nasal bleeding, bloodshot eyes and being totally muntered.
I did tequila suicides til 3:30am and lost the power of my legs and eye sight the next day. It was freakin awesome :)
by jeff24 September 05, 2005
Abbreviated way of writing "my dear". Used in an affectionate way to refer to either gender. Also used as "m'deary"
"Hello m'dear!"
"Cheers, m'dears!"
by Jeff24 April 25, 2005
Cybergrind is a form of grindcore that, aside from the instruments used by ordinary grindcore, uses computer generated sounds and/or drum machines and other synthetic instruments to create an insanely fast and brutal sound.
The most notable cybergrind band is, suprisingly, "Cybergrind"
by Jeff24 January 09, 2005
A place where aliens and astronauts can knock back a few drinks.
Alien: £^%!2zxc£5"%!£&*£35aj%!&£*% ?
Alien2: Yeah, i got time, let's head for the space bar
by Jeff24 April 30, 2005
Alternative way of saying "fuck off". Used when typing "fuck" would be stopped. e.g. chat rooms
You: f'cough
by jeff24 May 23, 2005