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An affectionate, tender and delicate tweak/twist of the nipple, prompting arousal and possible erectitude.
I'd twipple those norks for a fiver
by zebraboy777 September 09, 2010
A worker of wood with little or no natural skill or art and neither near association of technique nor constitution that could be considered conducive towards the production of acceptable carpentry.
Mark, why are you such a piss poor, ginger, botch job of a crapenter?
by zebraboy777 September 15, 2010
When an individual reaches the top of a set of stairs only to incorrectly think that another step requires surmounting, the resulting leg movement that then arcs upwards and outwards could be said to resemble the manner similar to that of a horse when counting with a foreleg.
Just walked up to level 2 and caught some serious air horsecounting as I arrived
by zebraboy777 September 10, 2010
When any Mother, Father or guardian/custodian, marches off to their children's school without an appointment to cause general mischief and mayhem. Ranting, Abusive language and trespass are among the minimum requirements for parentaliation.
'where's yer folks'?

'Off staging some nasty parentaliation with Ms Smith at St Johns'
by zebraboy777 September 09, 2010
A general dislike and contempt for students and indeed any individual who appears to commit any period of time to any dicipline linked to learning, improvement through education and study.
My scholarage is primarily directed towards the joyless slack faced media students of 4B
by zebraboy777 September 09, 2010
A petty criminal and repeat offender whose lack of success ensures court appearances of alarming frequency.
Terry can look after it?
That docksmith, fuck off.
by zebraboy777 September 09, 2010
An appalling, Greedy, careless and invisible landord who simply expects to recieve monies without any personal responsibility or indeed acknowledgement that he/she has any sort of tenant that may or may not exist.
She's a skinny spinter with houses all over the shop....
by zebraboy777 September 08, 2010

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