1. (noun) A delicious pastry, often containing fruit and sometimes nuts or chocolate

2. (noun) A sickening pet name used for one's significant other, falling under the same category as cupcake and sugarplum.

3. (verb) To squish out of the top of something; to resemble an edible muffin.

2. Whoosh my wittle bitty muffin pastwy? YOU are! YOU are!

3. These jeans are too tight; my fat muffins out the top.
by Almight God of Muffins January 19, 2009
A cupcake without frosting
Mitch: "Why did you make cupcakes? I wanted muffins!"

Tyler: "Just scrape off the frosting and it becomes a muffin."
by Cup O' Jo October 28, 2015
A cute girl with small squishy, yet perky muffin like breasts

could refer to a girlfriend or a close girl friend that is used like a cuddle buddy
Nick: this is my muffin
*girl waves*
Nick: i could hug her for DAYZ!!

Caleb: you bragging son of a bitch..>_>
by Nick Stone September 15, 2009
1. Sombody (preferably a girl) who has a muffin top/love handles or is a fatty.
2. A person who doesn't know how to tease their hair and it looks like there is a muffin on their head.
3. A type of tasty pastry.

4. Someone extreamly unattractive.
-Oh gosh,look out man! Here comes a Muffin!
-Look at her head,she's a muffin.
-Guess what i had for breakfast? A Muffin!
-Ewwwwhhhhhh! I cant believe i have to look at that person, they're such a muffin!
by bambamba May 15, 2009
n. A code used in conversation that is between two people to leave the third person out of the loop that they are actually talking about him/her.
Radio; So man, I can get a girl to fuck tonight for sure. But she's a little more.. bigger..

Jeff; How much bigger?

Radio; She is here now, let's have a code for a yes and no

Jeff; Muffin is bad and cupcake is good.
<i>ugly woman drivers up and comes out of car, Jeff turns to Radio with frown and eyes closed.</i>
by muffinaresogross=[ May 02, 2009
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