the word you use as an insult when you cant say fag muffin (also an insult) because of the people around you(i.e. a gay person or a teacher/adult)
*both standing in a classroom full of people and teachers*
bobby:"im sorry i didnt get you a teddy bear for valentines day. here, do you want this muffin?"
becca:"bobby, you ARE a muffin"
by beckaisawesome February 16, 2009
1. (noun) A delicious pastry, often containing fruit and sometimes nuts or chocolate

2. (noun) A sickening pet name used for one's significant other, falling under the same category as cupcake and sugarplum.

3. (verb) To squish out of the top of something; to resemble an edible muffin.

2. Whoosh my wittle bitty muffin pastwy? YOU are! YOU are!

3. These jeans are too tight; my fat muffins out the top.
by Almight God of Muffins January 19, 2009
Known to most as a term of endearment, but really an awesome insult actually meaning vagina or pussy. Commonly used by a woman to insult her boyfriend in public when he's being a douche.
Boyfriend: Fuck! I hate shopping with you and your friends!

Girlfriend: Aw, muffin, it'll be okay.
by annabeller August 30, 2010
The "babydaddy" of the cupcake.
When the unicorn and muffin have sex..the cupcake is made.
The only being worthy of even seeing a unicorn.
john:"hey where'd you get that cupcake?"
jake:"a unicorn and muffin made it"
by B00tz June 17, 2010
A word that can be substituted to replace any object.
I am about to jump in this muffin really quick and take shower.

Open that muffin and grab me a soda.

Hey, come over here and sit down on this muffin with me.
by Spyder00300 February 20, 2010
The best thing ever. Seriously. You know your mom? She'll bang a muffin. They are that good. Get some muffins, eat them, and come back, and you'll see why. Made from bread and anything else you can put in them. ANYTHING. Blueberry is normal, but you can have apple, cherry (yasrs), chocolate chips, small children, cinnamon, cookie bits, anything. Anyone who uses it for slang in a negative/sexual way cannot come up with anything else, as a muffin is better than sex and heaven combined.
Guy: Oh man this muffin is so delicious. Girl: Eww, that's disgusting. Guy: Whatever. Why do I hang out with you, muffin hater? Girl: I... I have no other friends...
by GFantasy October 05, 2009
1. Sombody (preferably a girl) who has a muffin top/love handles or is a fatty.
2. A person who doesn't know how to tease their hair and it looks like there is a muffin on their head.
3. A type of tasty pastry.

4. Someone extreamly unattractive.
-Oh gosh,look out man! Here comes a Muffin!
-Look at her head,she's a muffin.
-Guess what i had for breakfast? A Muffin!
-Ewwwwhhhhhh! I cant believe i have to look at that person, they're such a muffin!
by bambamba May 15, 2009

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