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1. Sombody (preferably a girl) who has a muffin top/love handles or is a fatty.
2. A person who doesn't know how to tease their hair and it looks like there is a muffin on their head.
3. A type of tasty pastry.

4. Someone extreamly unattractive.
-Oh gosh,look out man! Here comes a Muffin!
-Look at her head,she's a muffin.
-Guess what i had for breakfast? A Muffin!
-Ewwwwhhhhhh! I cant believe i have to look at that person, they're such a muffin!
by bambamba May 15, 2009
a cupcake without icing...hence a bald cupcake.
Muffins are just bald cupcakes.
by Koinu-chan March 29, 2009
an ugly cupcake.
Fred: "i have a cupcake!"
Jim: "i have a muffin. ):"
Fred: "FAIL."
by Ariana D'Lemi March 27, 2009
What you call someone who is rather large and wears EXTREMELY tight pants making their belly hang around all sides making them look like a muffin. If you are a muffin this can be avoided by wearing pants that is the propor size. (This also will prevent sterility!)
That chick is a total "Muffin "
by SORAxSARU711 March 11, 2009
Its a mother fucking muffin.

If you don't know what a muffin is you can go fuck your self up the anus.
Dayam nigger! This muffin is better then kfc!
by Nicholas Bryan April 07, 2005
see extacy
"hey dude, do you know where i can grab some muffins"
by betterthanall November 03, 2003
used in place of "fuck"

can be used for anything really
T: this tequila is narsty!!
M: this Morgan is so Muffining good!!!

M: muffin you douche bag!!
T: whaa?
M: i have no cluee
by pimpcracker June 08, 2010