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meat cigars is my giant wang being puffed on by brian's mom
Brian: "Mom, what're you doing?"
His Mom: "MMmmmmMMormrbsbmdmmmm" (Can't hear her cause my meat cigar is in her mouf)
by wantsome August 12, 2004
Pirate slang for a noob.
Macie, you're such an abernacky
by wantsome December 06, 2006
The act of Muff Munchin; The female art of eating things with da cooch.
Kelly what you doin? Just muffin' this pop-tart
by wantsome August 12, 2004
A new age bandage for extreme bleeding.
"I just cut my arm, it is bleeding very badly, do you have a spare tampon?"
by wantsome August 12, 2004
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