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A muffin is an ugly cupcake!!!
Ohh that cupcake looks bad now it is a muffin.
by ksar345 March 04, 2010
It's pretty much a naked cupcake.
Imma eat that muffin, yo!
by Dracia January 06, 2010
The most versatile insult ever. It can be used mockingly, sardoniclally, or in any other manner. It was originally synonymous with names like "pussy" or "cunt", but that has since been abandoned. (Traces of that root are still found in the word "muff")
(in a high pitched voice, as if mocking one's girlfriend)
"Come over here muffin!"


"Dude you're a fucking muffin"


"I saw these 2 guidos walking into a tanning salon. Fucking muffins"
by Sickofcreatingpsuedonyms December 04, 2009
When a giant fart (the muffin) is released from the oven (your butt) and served in a tray (your cupped hand) and served to friends, family, and co workers.

**Warning** Don't over cook the muffin or it may contain chocolate chips (not pleasent)
Dude 1: hey what's up man?

Dude 2: not much just bakin a muffin.

Dude 1: What?

(muffin is served)

Dude 1: Omg WTF did that shit have chocolate chips!!!!
by This line is blank July 26, 2009
A nickname often given to homosexual men as a term of endearment. The opposite of Cupcake(nickname given to Lesbians)
man, i really wanna come over and rock out now.'cause i was bragging to Muffin about the epic weekend i have planned.
by Zombie Gigolo May 15, 2009
n. A code used in conversation that is between two people to leave the third person out of the loop that they are actually talking about him/her.
Radio; So man, I can get a girl to fuck tonight for sure. But she's a little more.. bigger..

Jeff; How much bigger?

Radio; She is here now, let's have a code for a yes and no

Jeff; Muffin is bad and cupcake is good.
<i>ugly woman drivers up and comes out of car, Jeff turns to Radio with frown and eyes closed.</i>
by muffinaresogross=[ May 02, 2009
a tea-bag executed by a lady
Sara totally just muffined your corpse.
by jacob pederson April 29, 2008