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Awe 'noun' (pronounced Ah-Weh) is one of the most commonly used slang terms most spoken in Cape Town, South Africa and the most used slang word across all races in the country.

It's versatility as a word is what makes it so common. It's generally used as a greeting, but can also be used as an exclamation of agreement or excitement.

The actual origin of this word has not yet been recorded.
As a greeting:

Joe: Tony, watsup?
Tony: Awe!

As an exclamation of agreement:

Joe: Isn't that Stacy's Mom?
Tony: Awe!

As an exclamation of excitement:

Joe: Hey, Tony, guess who's got 500gb of porn.

Tony: Awe!
by FilthyHandsFloyd January 17, 2009
The moment of being without words.
"640 pounds reverse shrugs. Four sets ten reps had them muthafuckas in AWE"
by Tone Capps April 02, 2006
other word for hi or expression of excitement or means yes
Awe dog watup? wana go check a movie?
by Baba4lyf4u2jela July 10, 2008
A shortening of the word awesome. said by people to make them sound cool when theyre really not. People who say this usually are stupid and think that everybody loves them.
person 1: wow youre so cool!

person 2: no, im awes.
by Fahot April 26, 2009
Social media slang, used to describe something that's awesome, when you don't have the time (nor the character limit) to actually say, awesome. And, if something is extremely awesome, you would say 'totes awes'. It has the same impact as saying: totally awesome, but with 5 less characters.

Pronounced aw-ce

Related to:
awes-ness, noun

Can be substituted with:
incred, adjective

ridic, antonym
Yeah beb, the gallery opening was awes.

Bonnie sends her BFF a text: "Guess what?! I just scored a limited edition Simpsons phone case!"
Her BFF replies: "Awes."
by RealPerky March 13, 2014
A shortening of the word awesome; used to describe something that is exciting or rad.
Tickets to a Hawthorne Heights Concert? That's so not awes!
by Forreals January 09, 2006
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