Mandatory ugly fat friend. Every hot girl you know in your life has one of these. They are often known has enforcers, body guards, and offensive linemen. Not sure the reasoning behind it, maybe the hot girls want to make themselves look better, but just always make sure you beware of the MUFF...
There goes another MUFF
by J ROG809 October 03, 2010
A word used to insult or title someone idiotic, douche bag-esque or disliked for any reason.
"You're a muff!"

"What a muff!"

"That kid is such a muff"
by Malcom Little March 09, 2008
when somebody does something stupid, their friends call muff and hit them on the head. can be avoided if that person quickly calls 5/10.
bob: where do babies come from?
bill: from the stork duh
bob: thats a muff
by asdfgihw November 25, 2007
A)A Sexy Royal Scene Kid
B)Delicious Pussy
A)Queen Muff says, "Die!"

B) I beat that Muff up!
by HappyTimePrincess February 15, 2007
1)a slang term for a woman's vaginal region. usually referrencing to the hair covering the vagina. it should be noted that when using this word to illustrate hair, it is only applicable when the hair is wildly untamed. 2)a drunken fool alive during the late 1800's and regularly refferenced in the the tom sawyer books as "muff potter".
pussy, vagina, muff diver, hairy muff

is that buck wheat in a leg-lock??? oh wait, thats just her muff.

by Moni B November 06, 2006
Short for "muffin top;" the excess pudge in a woman's love handle/hip region which is the result of wearing low-waist pants that are too tight. Left with nowhere to go, the hip-fat thus cascades out and over the waistband of the pants, resembling the top of a muffin.
noun: "Check out the muff on that size 8 girl trying to pull off those size 4 pants."
verb: "After the pint of Ben and Jerry's, I was muffing all over the place."
by Muffalina June 20, 2006
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