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A)A Sexy Royal Scene Kid
B)Delicious Pussy
A)Queen Muff says, "Die!"

B) I beat that Muff up!
by HappyTimePrincess February 15, 2007
a replacement word for: drink, drunk, beer, pussy, any other drugs, and so on. pretty much is a way to keep what you're doing in the dorm room private and anonymous to the passer-by's in the halls.
Let's muff. Grab me a muff. Dude, you're muffed.
by Matt Baumann February 02, 2007
Muff is to lick pussy
Muff your best friend while i wank
by rudi October 28, 2006
an area of pubic hair between the legs

first person:
i opened up her legs and got attacked by crabs.
second person:
dude, she really has to shave her muff.
by burntice September 15, 2006
Short for "muffin top;" the excess pudge in a woman's love handle/hip region which is the result of wearing low-waist pants that are too tight. Left with nowhere to go, the hip-fat thus cascades out and over the waistband of the pants, resembling the top of a muffin.
noun: "Check out the muff on that size 8 girl trying to pull off those size 4 pants."
verb: "After the pint of Ben and Jerry's, I was muffing all over the place."
by Muffalina June 20, 2006
A game played with a soccer ball in which the players use their feet, knees, chests, and heads to prevent the ball from touching the ground. The player who lets the ball fall is given a letter (beginning with "m", then "u", then "f", and finally a second "f"). When a player spells out the word "Muff", he/she then turns around and allows for a different player to kick the ball at their hiney.
Player 1: "lets play Muff!"
Player 2: "No! Last time I couldn't sit for a week!"
by Derok August 29, 2005
another for "hell" or "heck"
wat tha muff?

wat tha heck?

wat tha hell?
by 64 August 05, 2005