the act of palming someones head in your hand and throwing their face in disrespect in the fullest. the best sort of muff is if the victim falls to the floor
did you see that, dennis just got fucking muffed like a bitch!!!
by silent dreamer March 31, 2008
just another name for the fleshy pink privates of the female body.
guy #1: Hey what you doing?
guy #2: whatching porn look you can see her muff
by comedyandtragedy February 09, 2008
Refering to a larger scaled vagina and or pussy.
Your such a damn muff burger.
Suck my muff.
Blow it muff bag.
by Maggie smith's anus January 20, 2008
when somebody does something stupid, their friends call muff and hit them on the head. can be avoided if that person quickly calls 5/10.
bob: where do babies come from?
bill: from the stork duh
bob: thats a muff
by asdfgihw November 25, 2007
1. what you do when your fat goes over your pants/tights/skirt/bottoms

2. the verbial form of muffin top
Wow, do you see that girl? She's muffing like crazy.
by Lindsey J D August 16, 2007
A large hairy, unemployed person with abnormal amounts of body hair. Is able to grow beards over night and grow stubble on tongue. The Muff will be able to sustain a heavy amounts of alcohol and protein shakes.
Josh is the mighty king of all Muffs. Peace x
by "Beaver" n STEVE June 03, 2007
It is a surname. I think the name comes from Yorkshire and quite a few people from America have it as their last name!
Joanna Muff or Jonathan Muff.
by Anonymous Name April 01, 2007

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