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A comical saying, commonly used as an ending to an insult, includes the forms of muffing, muffed, muffs or muff-dick. It can be used as an expression of disappointment or disgust usually after a ugly bricked shot in a game of 4 on 4 Lifetime basketball or in the situation of guy getting rejected by the hot girl next door, who is also a slut. In noun form, calling somebody a Muff is basically like saying, wow you're an extremely lame asshole with no game of any sort. This phrase is used by teenagers throughout Minnesota and can surprisingly indicate joy or laughter when said in a easy-going predicament.
Joe to Dave - "Hey nice shot asshole! *Fart noise* MUFFFFFFFFFFFF!"

Dave to Joe - "Oh fuck you dude."

Jake - "Bro did you end up getting your ding dong rubbed by that slew next door?"
Armin - "Nah man, I thought I had her on lockdown but her dad was home."
Jake- "Hahahahaha muffffffffffffffffffffffffff"

Reggie - "Did you hear about the new shake-weight? It looks like somebody's masturbating when they use it."
Damian - "Oh no way hahaha, that's only something a muff would use."
Reggie - "Shit, these damn muffs are taking over the world nowadays!"
by Pizza guy 101 July 27, 2013
Mandatory ugly fat friend. Every hot girl you know in your life has one of these. They are often known has enforcers, body guards, and offensive linemen. Not sure the reasoning behind it, maybe the hot girls want to make themselves look better, but just always make sure you beware of the MUFF...
There goes another MUFF
by J ROG809 October 03, 2010
Mandatory Ugly Fat Friend
Is she your MUFF?
by whitesky April 20, 2010
Anything of reference to a vigina
"dude, in that three some there was so much muff, like if the great wall of china was made of muff. That much."
by ASSCUNTBALLSMUFF February 13, 2010
Extreame messup, "To fuck up something", to blow something (hahahaha not tht way You no waht we mean)
Oh watta Muff!!

Dude you muffed that pass!

by Lil Nait234 January 17, 2010
When someone says or does something stupid you apply the MUFF. Can also be applied via a braced MUFF. Taking your index finger and middle finger putting them together and applying pressure behind the idiots ear(just along the hair line) and pulling/swiping towards yourself catching they're ear. And hopefully achieving a snap noise and a disgruntled look of confusion from the receiver of the MUFF.
Guy: I think Larry the Cable guy is fricken hilarious...
Friend of Guy: Holy shit dude. I think you got a MUFF comin...
Guy: What? He's really funny.

Friend of Guy: Applies his index and middle fingers behind Guy's ear and swipes that shit... Achieving a loud snap sound.

(Guy then realizes he was being an idiot and apologizes for saying Larry the Cable Guy is hilarious.)
by Johnny Reds February 16, 2009
a muff is a Mandatory Ugly Fat Friend
all hot girls have a muff friend and the hotter the girl the bigger the muff shes with
damm that girl is sexy but ewwww look at her muff

dan.w rocks lol
by dan.j.washington January 24, 2009