Well kept and neatly groomed small patch of hair above a woman's vagina. Muff is not a bush which it is commonly mistaken for. A bush is when a female lets her pubic hair grow out of control and untamed.
The hottest girls upkeep their muff by shaving thier vagina daily.
by Muffe April 27, 2006
A very bushy and thick patch of hair usually covering a girl's vagina. Can be combed and/or parted, but is usually frowned upon by men. Some men have even been known to break off a relationship because of a muff.
"Yo, Sandy has this crazy muff. It's so disgusting."
"Yeah, that's why she got nicknamed Grassy Meadows."
by MooMan76 February 16, 2006
A women's pussy or vagina if you like that word better which I really don't care anyways.
I heard he liked her muff.
by Robert L. Walker August 02, 2005
to give oral sex AKA muff divin
"its kinda like muff diving
by mike hunt- bmxboard March 09, 2005
1. To push someone with malice
I muffed Desi's bitch ass in the back of the head
by Portia January 01, 2005
When someone does something dumb, you muff them with your hand swipe upside their head while sayin muff and move your hand back and forth in a sawing motion
Turn off your car before your battery dies an shit dude............................................................an shit man..... I was bein sarcastic nigga.
MUFFFFFFFFFF Able !!!!!!!!!!!
by ROberto Fabre June 29, 2003
The act of not properly defining a word or action. The Actions or Words that cause a muff can have consequences. More of a Cincinatti term but has the same definition as "screwed up or messed up."
Usually when somebody says someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend and then does not to a friend. Causing the person who is looking for someone to be lonely for a night.

I muffed up last night
by muffer69 January 02, 2011

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