1. To push someone with malice
I muffed Desi's bitch ass in the back of the head
by Portia January 01, 2005
a hairy female under carraige.
christ, i heard she's got a muff man.
by bawsack October 26, 2004
Half a muffin. Discovered when Glenn College was stingy and only gave us muffin halves, instead of a whole one.
"I'm gonna put this muff in my fridge for later"
by orgabulator August 22, 2004
fanny - womans genitals
ive been a muff diver for many the year
and spent all my money on muff divin gear
from goggles to flippers to oxygen tanks
if i cant have a muff dive ill just have a wank
and its mo ther well
motherwell fc
by pele February 10, 2004
When someone does something dumb, you muff them with your hand swipe upside their head while sayin muff and move your hand back and forth in a sawing motion
Turn off your car before your battery dies an shit dude............................................................an shit man..... I was bein sarcastic nigga.
MUFFFFFFFFFF Able !!!!!!!!!!!
by ROberto Fabre June 29, 2003
Acronym for Manditory, Ugly, Fat, Friend....every girl has that one FAT friend that they always hang out with.
Man that chick is hot...yup, theres the M.U.F.F.
by Anonymous May 04, 2003
1. A warm, furry place to warm up your appendages. 2. My girlfriend's cat.
"She has a might nice muff in her lap."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002

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