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A word thought to be a misspelling of "insane" by dumbasses. It is in fact a synonym for "empty."
Maddox laughed at the soccer moms' kids' shitty, inane drawings.
by dj gs68 September 24, 2003
idiots. the correct meaning of the word inane is, putting it short for dumbasses, "pointless".
*sits down in a corner making inane sounds*
by angel January 03, 2005
boring bullshit.
adjective: unintellectual, trite, commonplace.
of a silly, insipid, vacuous nature.
Boss: You should build the mocks so we can mock you.
Lackey (to himself): such inane crap.
Lackey (to Boss): Of course, your majesty.
by arabi September 26, 2007
synamamous with the word silly or goofy
i tend to act rather inane when i lack sleep
by anon August 11, 2004
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