1. A warm, furry place to warm up your appendages. 2. My girlfriend's cat.
"She has a might nice muff in her lap."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
This word is widely known as another word for a vagina. ALTHOUGH this definition states that the word muff is a shortened form of saying "motherfucker."
I'm fresher than a muff.

You're such a muff.

I'm tired of these muffing snakes on this muffing plane.
by SlamminMuff69 April 26, 2011
The act of not properly defining a word or action. The Actions or Words that cause a muff can have consequences. More of a Cincinatti term but has the same definition as "screwed up or messed up."
Usually when somebody says someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend and then does not to a friend. Causing the person who is looking for someone to be lonely for a night.

I muffed up last night
by muffer69 January 02, 2011
An alternate and parent proof word for the "F" word. You can use it in all contexts and forms.
I'ma beat his muffing butt.

Baby, we are going to muff all night long.


Oh yeah? Well, muff you!

It's muffin cold out here.
by xoxo coco loco oxox December 03, 2010
after having anal sex with a girl, cum in her asshole and suck it out
i would so muff jessica alba
by 69party in my pants69 July 10, 2008
one hairy ass pussy for girls that are gross
john's face was in sally's muff and he got hair on his toungue
by mercury?GANGSTER March 09, 2006
town/village in County Donegal, Ireland. One of the most northerly towns on the island of Ireland although it is in the south! c.f. political situation in Northern/Ireland. It is on a peninsula and belive it or not diving is popular!
You fellas goin divin in Muff this weekend?
by marcu November 06, 2005

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