An alternate and parent proof word for the "F" word. You can use it in all contexts and forms.
I'ma beat his muffing butt.

Baby, we are going to muff all night long.


Oh yeah? Well, muff you!

It's muffin cold out here.
by xoxo coco loco oxox December 03, 2010
Back in the 90's this word meant being smacked upside the forehead when you least expect it.
Boy 1: Hey, want to see something cool?
Boy 2: Yeah.
Boy 1: Muff.
Boy 2: Ah! What you do that for?
Boy 1: HA HA HA! You walked right into that one.
by Falap January 28, 2010
after having anal sex with a girl, cum in her asshole and suck it out
i would so muff jessica alba
by 69party in my pants69 July 10, 2008
Refering to a larger scaled vagina and or pussy.
Your such a damn muff burger.
Suck my muff.
Blow it muff bag.
by Maggie smith's anus January 20, 2008
A)A Sexy Royal Scene Kid
B)Delicious Pussy
A)Queen Muff says, "Die!"

B) I beat that Muff up!
by HappyTimePrincess February 15, 2007
a replacement word for: drink, drunk, beer, pussy, any other drugs, and so on. pretty much is a way to keep what you're doing in the dorm room private and anonymous to the passer-by's in the halls.
Let's muff. Grab me a muff. Dude, you're muffed.
by Matt Baumann February 02, 2007
Short for "muffin top;" the excess pudge in a woman's love handle/hip region which is the result of wearing low-waist pants that are too tight. Left with nowhere to go, the hip-fat thus cascades out and over the waistband of the pants, resembling the top of a muffin.
noun: "Check out the muff on that size 8 girl trying to pull off those size 4 pants."
verb: "After the pint of Ben and Jerry's, I was muffing all over the place."
by Muffalina June 20, 2006

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