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1 definition by Lord_JJ

MUFF (The Melbourne Underground Film Festival) is an independent and non-profit organisation which showcases a diversity of film and video based works in the areas of underground, independent, guerrilla and exploitation and featuring mostly adult, genre, controversial, avant garde, political, sexual or artistic concepts. MUFF presents new features and shorts, as well as presenting an innovative selection of curated programs and retrospectives.
It was formed out of disagreements over the content and running of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).
MUFF XI will be holding a protest screening on August 29th of Bruce LaBruce’s recently banned film L.A. Zombie, as a late edition to their festival lineup.

MUFF XI's protest screening on August 29th of Bruce LaBruce's banned film L.A. Zombie has led to a police raid of MUFF Director Richard Wolstencroft's home.
by Lord_JJ December 01, 2010