when somebody does something stupid, their friends call muff and hit them on the head. can be avoided if that person quickly calls 5/10.
bob: where do babies come from?
bill: from the stork duh
bob: thats a muff
by asdfgihw November 25, 2007
1)a slang term for a woman's vaginal region. usually referrencing to the hair covering the vagina. it should be noted that when using this word to illustrate hair, it is only applicable when the hair is wildly untamed. 2)a drunken fool alive during the late 1800's and regularly refferenced in the the tom sawyer books as "muff potter".
pussy, vagina, muff diver, hairy muff

is that buck wheat in a leg-lock??? oh wait, thats just her muff.

by Moni B November 06, 2006
Well kept and neatly groomed small patch of hair above a woman's vagina. Muff is not a bush which it is commonly mistaken for. A bush is when a female lets her pubic hair grow out of control and untamed.
The hottest girls upkeep their muff by shaving thier vagina daily.
by Muffe April 27, 2006
one hairy ass pussy for girls that are gross
john's face was in sally's muff and he got hair on his toungue
by mercury?GANGSTER March 09, 2006
A very bushy and thick patch of hair usually covering a girl's vagina. Can be combed and/or parted, but is usually frowned upon by men. Some men have even been known to break off a relationship because of a muff.
"Yo, Sandy has this crazy muff. It's so disgusting."
"Yeah, that's why she got nicknamed Grassy Meadows."
by MooMan76 February 16, 2006
An ungodly hairy cooch. A word to use instead of "douche bag" or "pussy" when insultind another individual.
STFU you muff! Fuck yourself in hell, you muff!
by G-Shizzle November 15, 2005
town/village in County Donegal, Ireland. One of the most northerly towns on the island of Ireland although it is in the south! c.f. political situation in Northern/Ireland. It is on a peninsula and belive it or not diving is popular!
You fellas goin divin in Muff this weekend?
by marcu November 06, 2005
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