MUFF (The Melbourne Underground Film Festival) is an independent and non-profit organisation which showcases a diversity of film and video based works in the areas of underground, independent, guerrilla and exploitation and featuring mostly adult, genre, controversial, avant garde, political, sexual or artistic concepts. MUFF presents new features and shorts, as well as presenting an innovative selection of curated programs and retrospectives.
It was formed out of disagreements over the content and running of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).
MUFF XI will be holding a protest screening on August 29th of Bruce LaBruce’s recently banned film L.A. Zombie, as a late edition to their festival lineup.

MUFF XI's protest screening on August 29th of Bruce LaBruce's banned film L.A. Zombie has led to a police raid of MUFF Director Richard Wolstencroft's home.
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by Lord_JJ December 01, 2010
Acronym for Man Up For Fuck Sake. Suitably a response to someones inane whining and bitching.
"OMG Im so ill and tired and blah blah blah...."

"MUFFS you twat!!!"
#man up #grow a pair #get a grip #strap on a pair #balls
by damon rosco December 21, 2010
the top part of the muffin, the part thats all crunchy.
"Damn shaun let me get the muff,you can have the bottom"
#muffin #vigina #pussy #muffin top #muff
by Azin March 21, 2006
The most amazing variety of woman to evolve. Often spotted styling on a pushbike providing strangers with a smile. Spinning her around beneath the moonlight in the darktimes with intermittent sips of single malt keeps the Muffs satisfied...for a time.
A Muffs a day keeps the doctor away.

All you need is Muffs.

Awesomeness is Muffsness.
#rad #amazing #fullysik #garonk #teradactyl
by JollyRoger84 June 26, 2010
Cute, adorable, aesthetically pleasing. An expression used to define a jolly, happy feeling.
That bunny rabbit looks very muff.
i feel so muffy today
#happy #jolly #preety #aesthetically pleasing #cute
by Vishwa Tailor April 13, 2008
Acronym for Manditory, Ugly, Fat, Friend....every girl has that one FAT friend that they always hang out with.
This allows the hizat to look even more attractive.
Man that chick is hot...yup, theres the M.U.F.F.
by NUGGAH February 10, 2004
Muff is a term used in hockey when a player shoots the puck very weakly on net, when a player passes the puck softly and the other team intercepts it, or if a player throws a terrible saucer pass.
Mike muffed the puck to the other team, and they went down the ice and scored.

Kyle muffed the puck on net, and it was an easy save for the goalie.
#hockey #muff #bender #bad #sauce
by Judder90 March 07, 2009
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