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a variation of the phrase 'Fair Enough'
"town tonight?"
"hairy muff"
by katpee July 14, 2006
An alternative to the expression 'fair enough'. Often said as a dismissive response to an explaination of something. Hairy Muff indicates that the person saying it does not really care about whatever it is they have been told. If said quickly enough the person it is said to may not even be aware that you have in fact referred to an ungroomed vaginal area. It is not often used in formal and/or serious conversation although it is somewhat amusing to test the acceptable limits of the phrase.
Example 1
Ben: The reason I haven't been out picking up chicks lately is because I realised that I was ignoring my true sexuality. I wanna be with Carl. I think I'm gay.
Ned: Hairy Muff.

Example 2
Dale: I think I'm going to kill myself!
Ned: Hairy Muff.
by slutmeister May 30, 2009
Cockney rhyming slang for 'fair enough'. i.e. hairy muff - fair enough. As with most Cockney rhyming slang, the rhyme is usually shortened to just the first word - "hairy"; hairy (muff). Originates from Orpington area of South East London suburbs.
"Can I borrow a quid?"
"Nah sorry, need it for the train."
"Hairy (muff)."

by ricksoutheast82 March 26, 2007
Pretty much means fair enough but used when you someone says something thats rude but you find funny
Angus: Mate, wouldn't it be funny if you died from eating too much Nutella?
Myles: ahaha hairy muff it most defiantly would be
by PoshCunt69 January 07, 2015
1. - an unfortunate incident involving the crotchal area of you girlfried. likely to put you off sex for life.

2. - an alternative expression for fair enough
1. alex unzipped james' trousers 'holy shit!! he has a hairy muff'.

2. 'im going to the shop to purchase an illegal substance'. 'hairy muff'.
by Big Dave November 10, 2004
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